Sunday, November 16, 2014

year 3 day 138

movie: That's what she said
starring: Anne Heche, Marcia DeBonis
genre: Comedy, Drama
format: Netflix Canada

plot: When a single woman spends the day helping her best friend get ready for a big date, they find themselves dealing with police, a sex addict, and their own personal illusions about dating.

This was an unusual take on the state of being  a single woman. I can only describe it as the anti-Sex and the City.  We see the every day average woman's insecurities played out in both main characters, as they go through the day dealing with relationships.  One still hopeful that everything can be fairy tale like, the other jaded by broken love.

The movie started off on a hilarious track with the Heche character smoking while brushing her teeth, then conning her way into an extra seat on the subway, but looses some of it's steam once the leads find themselves in a coffee shop with a sex addict.
The movie rounds out with the main characters proving each other right on their extreme views about men and relationships.  

This movie sold itself as a comedy, but quickly turned into a hallmark style film. It lost it's edge for me, when it became a sisterhood film.

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