Saturday, November 8, 2014

year 3 day 134

movie: Five Year Engagement
starring:Emily Blunt, Jason Segel
genre:Comedy, Drama, Romance
year: 2012
format; Netflix Canada

plot: A young couple decide to get married a year after they meet, only to have her promotion derail them by two years. While her career takes off, his begins to fall apart, leaving him depressed. They break up, only to find themselves feeling they gave up the best part of themselves. 

There is a side of me that thought this was funny and could see why this was something that needed to be made. And there was a side of me that sat through this just wanting to throw a shoe at the screen.

I don`t know why I rented this, other then to torture myself with a wedding movie.

I liked the male bonding over sweaters and cake was funny. Loved the scene when Segel`s character has a mini-breakdown with the hunting lifestyle, serving everything on animal parts. Gross but to the point.  And I do love anything with Rhys Ifans, so seeing him play the not quite honorable professor was icing.

The uber romantic in me, was nodding with the `love at first sight` bit, the two leads have when meeting at the costume party. And the fact they just couldn`t seem to get the other out of their systems no matter how long they were apart.
I think this movie points to the fact nothing worth having is ever easy. It takes time and generosity and honesty if it`s meant to be part of your life. Something that gets forgotten in this day and age of instant everything.

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