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The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p14

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 168, chapter 168

Six hours ago...

Our heroine cleared her throat, her palms firmly on Leo's chest, holding him back. "That's enough. Ferguson is part of the local pack. He's a friend." she sighed. "We've got a lot to talk about, just not now. Dagan went with Reuben to find some prince he used to date or something. So you two can either go back to Ash and Harker, or if you really need them, they only left an hour ago. You can still catch up with them." she pointed in the general direction the two had traveled. Leo looked down at her, his hand over her's.

"You're not even going to try to come home?"

She shook her head. "Leo, I can't. Bacchus has a no vampire clause in affect. Silent wall at the edge of our kingdom. Who knows how long he's planning on locking me out?"

"So this prince, they went to get help finding a way to break Rolf out am I right?" the Seer asked, suddenly finding the toe of his shoe interesting. He gazed up at her from under his lashes, giving her a very innocent look.  The female nodded turning her attention back to the older werewolf.

"And as much as I like naked men, Leo hon, pants! This isn't like back home. Either get some clothes on or stay in wolf form."  she gestured then towards the Elton's home. "There are some very gossipy girls in this town."

"Is that an order?" he leaned in smiling at her.

"Yes. I might not be the local alpha, but as far as you two boys are concerned, with Dagan away I'm our pack alpha."

"Yes mommy." the older wolf said misting a pair of cowboy boots, leather pants and a dark button up shirt. Our heroine cringed when he said that.

"Oh don't say stuff like that...not now."  The Seer grabbed his skull, howling as he fell to his knees. "What did you see?" the female asked him once it was over. The younger werewolf leaned against her, gasping for air, his eyes wide. Shaking his head he refused to look at her.

"Nothing. Nothing you need to know right now."


"No. It's not...just go to whatever it was you are dressed for. We'll talk in an hour or so. Leo and I need to get some food." he grabbed her elbows turning her towards Ferguson, pushing her gently towards his direction.  Waiting till she had left with Ferguson, the Seer turned back to Leo as they walked into the hotel, following the scent of Tombstone. "I saw Dagan with another female." he whispered.  Leo raised an eyebrow at him, bending down to pat the hellhound.

"That's impossible. He's claimed her."

"Exactly!" the Seer began to bite his nails as he paced around the small hotel room. "He's going to use some sort of magick to undo it. All of it!" his voice began to raise in a combination of panic and disbelief. "The sire bond too." the dark haired male flopped down on the bed, hands over his eyes.

"That's really heavy magick. As much as I think he's wrong for her, and want to see Reuben with her, I can't pun intended...I just can't see Dagan doing that." Leo replied crossing his arms over his chest, the hellhound begging for him to continue showing some attention.

"Well, I just saw it! She won't be his mate anymore, she'll be up for grabs."

"Which means that if any of the rest of the pack claims her, we'd be instant alpha. But what would be the point? She can't come home." Leo mumbled, his eyes shifting around the room, as he spotted a cobweb.

"The second Dagan does this. Goes through with it, this reversal, technically Nosferatu is no longer part of our pack. But that's not all I saw." his words were strained through his fingers as he continued to rub at his face. "That scent of magick you smelled, was because of Loki. He's restarted the experiment."

"Do you want to stay here or find Dagan and Reuben?"

"I want to go someplace far away, where beautiful creatures with large bottles of wine let me feed off them. Someplace where my family isn't destroying itself one member at a time." he sat up letting out a heavy sigh. "Let's go."


Our heroine found herself in a room draped in shades of gold and lavender. Raising her shoulders feeling the sudden need to appear taller, grander then she was, she tried not to burp. A maid gestured to a large uncomfortable looking chair in a floral pattern, also gold, telling her that her hostesses would be with her momentarily. Nodding, she sat down, trying not to rip her gown.
The three sisters entered the room in single file, all looking like they fell out of a turn of the 19th century painting. Jessica reached her hand out towards our heroine, a fan in the other as she made the introductions.

"So, what brings you here?" she asked as the maid poured them each a cup of green tea. "It's so rare for us to have anyone stay in town anymore." the smile on the blonde's face was as forced as the beehive of  curls that piled on top of her scalp.   Our heroine gulped silently the too hot liquid as she thought of how to answer.

"Jarl invited me." she figured that was as close to the truth as she needed to get without telling them her life story.

"Yes, how do you know him?" Elizabeth asked staring over at the banshee from her seat on a very  lush looking sofa. Her blue eyes searching our heroine for signs of status.

"He's a...distant relative of my mate...husband." she hoped they hadn't caught her slip up.

The tea cup in Jessica's hand rattled noisily.  The blonde cleared her throat moving slightly in her chair.  "And that would be the man we saw you so intimately with by the tree?" her tone seemed both laced with humour and accusing.

"Not the man who carried you up the road after you fainted?" Maryann asked as if to cover up her older sister's rudeness. Our heroine nodded, holding her tea cup towards Maryann as if to agree, an awkward smile on her pale lips.

"Yes the man by the tree, Dagan. The one with the long hair, Reuben is another of his...cousins." she felt herself starting to blush not knowing what else to say about their situation?  A werewolf pack was more complicated then just a normal family, and she wasn't sure how long she could keep on this line of questioning?  Looking around, Nosferatu pointed to a large painting in the middle of the far wall just over the fireplace. "Is that you?"

"Our aunt." Elizabeth replied without looking at it.  The resemblance to Jessica was uncanny. Brought to mind the whole situation with Dagan and his uncle Victor. Our heroine found herself blushing once more at the thought of Mr. Frankenstein.

"She disappeared about a month ago." Jessica's tone became that of a spoiled bored child as she turned to face the painting. "She was always ranting about something or other to do with ghosts and nonsense. Last time she came home, all she brought back was a stupid nasty cat, and some dusty old trunks that no one can open." she turned then in her seat again this time to face Maryann. "Speaking of, did you feed it?"

"It's your turn!" the youngest sister protested, her face suddenly seeming to drain of colour. Our heroine could hear the other girl's heartbeat quicken. "I took care of it yesterday."   They all turned as Elizabeth cleared her throat making a face. It was obvious, she was quietly reminding the other two that our heroine was sitting right there witnessing their behavouir. "Fine! Just have the first aid kit handy." Maryann replied getting up from her seat and heading into the other room.
Our heroine heard every sound the woman made as she unlatched a cage, the cat hissing as he scratched violently at her, before running first into the hallway then into the room. It seemed to bolt straight for our heroine, jumping up on her lap, his paws at her neck.  The banshee found herself staring into the most beautiful eyes she'd ever seen.

"Finn!" Jessica scolded the marmalade coloured cat as she dove towards our heroine, grabbing at the creature with both hands. "I hope he didn't scare you. He just doesn't seem to be house trained..."
The cat made a low sound as he bit Jessica's hand.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Everyone is lusting after Dagan...)  

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