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The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p13

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 167, chapter 167

Dagan sat with his back against the wall. Reuben was inside the prince's private rooms wasting time. With his eyes closed, the auburn haired male waited. Listened, his ears ringing with the sounds of the castle, Reuben's hushed voice as he told the prince their story, the maids whispering their gossip in the kitchen, the solders drunkenly telling each other battle stories to one up the other. He listened to all of it, none of it mattering. What mattered was that he missed her. Dagan missed our heroine. The sound of his shoe squeaking on the cold polished floor as he adjusted himself echoed in his ears. Slamming his arms first against the wall then his knees only made it worse. He couldn't sit still. The feeling in his chest had begun. That thing that seemed to clamp down like a tight pressure had started. He knew it wouldn't be long before the paranoia kicked in, leaving him thinking of nothing but visions of her in bed with someone else. Followed by the laughing.  That voice that told him his only choice was to kill her to keep her from leaving him. The one that pointed out the fact she could still have an affair if someone wanted her while he was practically neutered. Dagan hated that part the most. That's when he always lost control. His emotions heightened to the point he felt everything at once. Lust, rage, jealousy, hunger. When he'd start to transform against his will.
He pushed himself up on his hands, sitting on them, rocking back and forth telling himself to stay straight. That he would be back on the road in an hour or so. That as soon as Reuben had secured the help of the witch, they could head back towards where Nosferatu was.

The werewolf heard someone counting, heard a soft velvety voice like music telling him it wouldn't be as bad if he just said yes. If he just admitted it out loud once. He swallowed hard, sweat beading on his forehead as he slammed the back of his head again against the wall. The smell of blood filled his senses with a hot rush of salt and copper. Dagan agreed to the voice, the low animalistic voice that came from his own lips.  He needed her blood to complete his task, only he couldn't remember what that was? He couldn't think clearly, couldn't see beyond the idea that the female he shared this vampire sire bond with needed to be with him.

The werewolf stood up stumbling a half step. Mindlessly he ran the back of his hand over his mouth, a thin layer of saliva clinging to his knuckle. He breathed deeply, catching too many scents; none of which were her's. Hunching down against the wall Dagan waited. Waited for the pressure in his chest to move out of him. It seemed to be too heavy for him this time. With his eyes squeezed tight he forced himself to get control, his left fist connecting with the wall. More blood filled the air as the sound of dripping liquid got his attention. He saw he'd punched the wall hard enough that his hand was broken. Silently he mumbled something to himself about the pain as he began to slide down the hallway pressed tight to the wall.  If he could just get outside, get some fresh air to clear his head. Regain a few hundred feet that separated him from his mate, the sire bond could be conquered.

By the time Dagan got outside, the fog in his brain had lessened. He was able to think just a bit clearer. What he wasn't able to do was stop the reaction his body was having. The werewolf had started shifting without fully realizing it, his eyes the amber-grey of the wolf, his bottom and upper fangs exposes, his nails as long and sharp as filed glass, and at lest two days worth of beard on his normally smooth jaw.  The magic mist rolling off him in visible tendrils causing his clothes to fade in and out. Throwing his head back he howled in frustration as he ran back in the direction he knew our heroine was.

He stopped not too far from the castle border, a small pool of rain water visible under a fallen branch. Dagan caught his reflection in the water's surface, as he slowed his breathing. He sat down on the wet ground, letting the magic mist dissolve his shirt, feeling the cool air on his skin. He was covered in sweat his hair plastered to his forehead and ears. Slowly, the shapeshifter got control over his animal side, transforming back fully to human. He'd managed to cover enough of the distance to counteract the worst of the sire bond's rage. All that was left was the feeling of lust which seemed to cling to him like a dirty sheet. The male bent his face to the cold ground his hands in the puddle of rain water, splashing it over his neck and face. He couldn't go on like this any longer. The sire bond was destroying his sense of self, making Dagan a prisoner to his own body.  Gulping a handful of the water, he mumbled a name.

Reuben exited prince Kraven's room, slightly drunk. The tall muscular male slicked his wet hair back as he made his way down the long hallway. He stopped just before reaching the stairs. Something wasn't right, he couldn't put his finger on what, but the little hairs on the back of his neck were electric. Closing his eyes, he listened intently to everyone in the large castle. He heard people snoring, the maids sweeping empty rooms, the baker in the kitchen humming as he made the pastries, and the low moans of someone having sex.

His amber-grey eyes shot open as he zeroed in on that couple. Reuben took the stairs three at a time, as he followed the twists and turns till he was near the back of the servant's quarters.
He placed his hands on the bedroom door forcing it open, as it bounced into the wall with a force that broke it from it's hinges. Grabbing the girl by the back of the neck, he hauled her off her companion.


The woman's limp body hit the floor before the sound of her neck snapping had finished echoing. "What the hell did you do?" his strong hands were already at Dagan's throat as he lifted the other male off the bed throwing him across the room.

"Chill out okay." Dagan said raising his hand in a surrender. "I just got a divorce. No big deal." The auburn haired male sat with his hands over his knees, back pressed against the wall. Reuben shook his head in disbelief his hands in his hair, eyebrows knitted together.  "I...I...I called Bacchus and told him I give up. He can have the stupid cow if he wants her." he shrugged.

"So what, you unclaimed Nos?" Reuben's voice was high pitched, nasal.

"Yeah, that and removed the sire bond." he misted a pair of jeans. "I'm free. Once again."

"That's not possible. The sire bond..."  Reuben pointed at him, his hands then back at his long dark hair.

"Has been broken before. Back at my uncle Victor's castle." he crawled for safety towards the corner of the room, out of arm's length of Reuben. "When we had that little accident..."

"You ripped her beating heart out of her chest! That's not an accident that's stupidity!"

"...and he had to drain her blood completely. Don't look so shocked. The novelty of that scream machine has long since worn off."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.  Well someone's being selfish...)

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