Monday, November 17, 2014

Nov 17th 2014

So I caught up with last week's episode of Supernatural, one of my favourite shows on tv right now, the other having had been/is Witches of East End...get to that in a minute...last week being the 200th episode of Supernatural, and well, I was disappointed.  I know 98% of the fans dug it completely, but I just was totally put off by it.
But I hate musicals, so right there I was rolling my eyes and tempted to just turn it off. Honestly, sitting through 57 minutes of fluff to get to one minute of the return of an old character, wasn't making like the episode any.  I guess I just expecting something more for such a big episode. I liked the idea of the show within a show, just wasn't happy with the vehicle used for it.  For me, it would have been better to have had the Loki/Gabriel character buddying around with them instead of having done a musical.
We need to bring his character back.

Witches of East End... Speaking of bringing something back, damn it! When I heard that the show was cancelled, I was pissed. Like so many other fans, I need more! There were just too many cliffhangers for my taste, and it was one of the few shows that I looked forward too every week.  Because of the show, I read the books. I liked the show better then the books. Which is rare for me. I was trying to guess who the actress might be that they were thinking of having play the new sister. I was wanting to find that out for one, and I loved getting to see James Marsters and Madchen Amick on tv every week, given I'm a BtVS and Twin Peaks fan. 
Now, I'm left wondering if the FBI agent was a Valkyrie character (a character from the books) or what?  Wondering how Freya just didn't notice that her soulmate switched bodies when she could see him clearly instantly in every life they have been together? And the whole baby issue with Ingrid.
Dude! If Lifetime is going to be an arse, then here's hoping Netflix picks it up like it did for Trailer Park Boys!  Or NBC or something. It would fit nicely with the already supernatural line up on Fridays along with Grimm and Constantine.

So that's my post for now. Ranting over two great shows disappointing me this week.  Just bring back Witches of East End for another season or two, or three, or five....

till later

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