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The Nosferatu Adventures s6 p11

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 165, chapter 165

The two males walked in silence down the main road, leaves crunching under foot as they did. Sniffing, Reuben flicked his hair out of his face, turning his chocolate brown puppy dog eyes to look at Dagan over his shoulder.

"What?" the auburn haired male said kicking a large rock.

"You're upset. Wanna get it out in the open?"  he slowed down catching the scent of a rabbit. Reuben moved away from him off the road heading into the bush, disappearing.  He reappeared a few seconds later, his face and beard stained with blood, licking his fingers, the half eaten rabbit in his left hand. "Wish I had some BBQ sauce."

"What's to be upset about? Just because I've been pulled once again away from my home, from my pack, from my life because of something that our pain in the ass has done...what's to be upset about?" he cracked his knuckles. "I mean really, I'm having a tea party here can't you tell?"

"So you're not the slightest bit bothered by the fact that your mate, is hanging out with another pack? Very possibly getting snuggly with one of them?" he spoke around the chunk of meat as he tore another bite off.   Dagan rolled his eyes shaking his head at him, fixing his hair back slicking it down.

"No." the werewolf stood up straighter running his left hand over his stomach as he sucked in his gut. "Nothing to worry about." his hand then moved out in front of him as if smoothing down an invisible wrinkle. 

"I don't know man, I saw them when I was carrying her up that path..." he snickered spitting the fur out of his mouth, picking his teeth with one of the rabbit bones. "...I wouldn't want my mate hanging around with that one guy..."

"Who? That half pint who's calling himself an alpha?" Dagan threw back his head, shaking it as if to defy the wind daring it to mess up his hair.

"Na man, I was talking about the pretty boy. I don't trust him." Reuben tossed the chewed bone, wiping his hand across his mouth."He's her type man. Dark hair, dark eyes." there was a devious shine in Reuben's own dark eyes as he turned in a full circle to look at his buddy.  Dagan stopped walking, staring back at him unflinching.

"See I know what you're doing oh yeah." he nodded as he leaned closer to Reuben, one foot crossed in front of the other, his hands now out at his sides. "You're trying to get inside my head. Trying to get me to admit to you that you were right from day one." the alpha cracked his neck bringing his hands then in front of him inches away from Reuben's shoulders. Letting them hover there like a threat, he growled. "But here's the thing. I'm not playing your game. I'm not playing at all." his voice rose on the last word. "I picked her cause she was convenient. At the time, she was a solution. Now, now she's the bane of my existence. I'm starting to wish I hadn't reclaimed her. Starting to wish I could undo the sire bond altogether..."

"Careful what you wish for."  The two men turned to see Loki suddenly beside them on the road. "It's more dangerous then you might think. And you never know who's listening. The wrong set of ears might just decide to grant your misguided wish." he brought his finger up to his lips before pointing to the sky.

"You want to protect her so damn badly why didn't you take her as yours? Why'd you dump her in our laps to begin with?" Dagan asked, his nostrils flaring.

"Because she's not my type." he smiled chewing a piece of straw suddenly. "She talks too much." he closed his eyes tilting his head to the side. "She can't make a decent chicken pot pie to save her life, and she is useless at housework. Then there's that really annoying obsession she has with wrestling..." Loki shrugged. "Perfect for you though." he patted Dagan's shoulder.

"Maybe I'm just tired of carrying around all that dead weight." the werewolf grumbled as he turned to move away from the god. "Tired of not getting any respect from her..."

"Have you bothered to give her any?" Reuben remarked laughing. "All you've done since the moment you sired her is complain about her. All you've done..." the dark haired werewolf started to count on his fingers with each point. "...is remind her how she's just your security pass, how she's not physically appealing, how you've had to save her ass."  Sniffing, Reuben shoved his friend with his two fingers, causing Dagan to look down at his chest where there was now a bruise. Rubbing the spot, he looked back at him with raised eyebrows.

"That wasn't very nice."

 Reuben sniffed again running his hand over his beard, his eyes locked with Dagan's. "Well, maybe I'm tired of being nice. Maybe I'm tired of playing the nice guy so that you can be a spoiled brat. How about that!" the tall male crossed his arms, staring down the alpha.

"Ahheem" Loki cleared his throat grinning at them both. "As much as I would love to see Reuben rip your throat out and eat your liver, um may I remind you boys that you've got a job to do. Rolf is still stuck in Odin's prison. I believe you were off to see the wizard or something." he made a shooing gesture.

"This isn't over." Dagan mumbled as he moved past Reuben, his shoulder slamming into him.

"It never is." Reuben remarked under his breath, puffing his cheeks out as he did. Turning a half step on his heel, he nodded towards Loki. The dark haired god reached out his strong pale hand, stopping Reuben.

"He's already lost her, don't let him loose you too." the god whispered.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Reuben asked, his thumb tapping his lip like a nervous twitch.

"Bacchus has plans for her. It's why I restarted the experiment to stall him. May have bought them a year or two. But I can only hold him off for so long before he just takes her. When that happens." Loki shrugged. The shapeshifter thought about that for a brief second, turning again to look at Dagan, then turning back towards Loki.

"The experiment as everyone is calling it. What happens to it? Are you going to take it? Kill it? What?" the thought had been in the back of his mind for months. What would have happened to the first baby she'd been carrying if she hadn't of lost it? Would the god have raised it himself, or left it to the pack? Licking his lips, he felt his throat starting to go dry as he waited for Loki to respond.

"Let's just see if it survives first before we start planning for it's college fund." 

Reuben blinked as he took a slow step backwards, his hands up in a surrender motion, as he watched Loki shimmer away.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me (straight up story. Reuben caught in the middle)

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