Sunday, August 9, 2015

Coffee Talk Aug 9th 2015

Spudguns!  How are you this Sunday?  We're sitting at a +23C with a +28C humidex, so this for me is a day to hide in the darkest corner of the apartment. Cause, me and the sun/heat don't get along. I break out in migraine headaches and hideous disgusting freckles and sweat. No sir, I don't like it.  That and the whole "I don't tan, I don't burn, I implode." part of things.  I already use SPF-50 when I go out; just one step away from being some cliche from a Tim Burton film carrying an umbrella when it's not raining.
I would use something stronger, but I haven't seen anything with a higher label here in town.  No joke, I'm like that scene in Blade when Frost and his crew of vamps are holding the kid captive in the park and Blade's all "Your mascara is running."  because the sun is so hot the titanium uber sunblock is melting off.  (mmmm Stephen Dorff)

This has been a bit of a slow week for blogging, cause I've been busy in the physical world doing tarot readings. And this upcoming week will be slow for blogging, cause I'll still be busy in the physical world doing tarot readings.
But, with that said, I 'll try to get the next installment of the Nosferatu Adventures up this week.

And if you are in the Thunder Bay area and are interested in a tarot reading, you can leave a comment here or on either my facebook page (yes I broke down and rejoined the rest of the or on the Bliss Cafe Thunder Bay facebook page.

Till later.

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