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The Nosferatu Adventures s9 p13

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 237, chapter 237

Out of Time

"No Isabelle, I won't have it!" he said storming across the room, throwing a look over his shoulder at her. "I know the baby isn't mine! I know you slept with my brother T.J. Colt. And my father J.J. Colt Jr." he spun around ignoring the fact she had moved off her mark and was no longer in his eyeline. "I know..." he went to move but wasn't sure the camera could follow so instead he just shifted from one foot to the other nearly dancing in place. "...I know...I know you haven't been faithful at all since the wedding." Montgomery raised his hand pointing across the room waiting for Juila's reaction, knowing the camera was suppose to follow her before doing their close ups.

"No. No.!" she went to move around the large armchair that sat in the middle of the space, catching her six inch heels in the edge of the rug, slamming her knees into the coffee table. "I swear to you! I promise you, this baby is yours this time." she shook her head, her curls bouncing on her shoulders as she did. "I'm really having your baby!" Julia brought her one hand up biting her knuckles.

"I just don't believe you. I can't. Until you have a paternity test that is." Montgomery's eyes squinted as he tried to read the teleprompter aware Julia had forgotten her other line. He waited hoping she'd realize it, but they were running out of time for the shoot. Turning back around to lean on the only other piece of furniture in the space, he drove into his monolog. "I will not raise another man's baby, not again. Not after having done so with Aiden, Kal, Ricky, Paul, and Jessie. I just won't be fooled again."  He heard the director scream cut, as he relaxed his shoulders, the make-up assistant running to his side. The actress they hired to play his new love interest was driving him up the wall, never remembering her lines. Worse, she kept getting his twin characters mixed up. The director didn't seem to care or notice, too busy on his phone most of the time.  Ever since the new writer had been  brought on board, strange things had been happening.
There had been a few deaths with the younger crew and cast members, which most people were pushing off as drug related, strange accidents like lighting grids falling crashing when no one was near them, then there was the day they were shooting the voodoo queen's scenes and the potion she was working with exploded. It was like they were hexed. But at the same time, the ratings had never been higher.  Still, he didn't like to be alone with Edward. Montgomery could have sworn once when he was leaving the studio late, that he heard the man growl at him. He had been in the parking lot about to get into his car, when he'd seen Edward standing in the shadows of the building, a strange flash crossing Edward's eyes. Nearly gave him a heart attack as he tried to make sense of it.
Clearing his throat, he took his mark getting reading for his close up.


Matilda turned the sofa cushions plumping them up three times each, before turning around herself in the same manner settling in. There were still little habits that her nature didn't let her drop since becoming a familiar. Thankfully, no one really noticed; or if they did, they just put it off as her being a bit ditzy.

Rufus shuffled into the main room of the shop, his feet dragging on the ground as he did. The male familiar had been mopy for the last few days, ever since someone had out bid him at an auction. He'd heard about a rare grimoire that dated back to the 1930's and was said to have been owned by H.P. Lovecraft.
Holding a cup of coffee, as he made his way over to one of the bookshelves. Taking a sip he raised an eyebrow. "Don't you love how everything here tastes like sage smoke." he spoke into his mug.

"Well, what do you expect, we have to smudge so often." Matilda snorted at him.  There was something else bothering Rufus, she just couldn't seem to waggle it out of him.

"Edward is still a sidhe. He still needs to feed that side of him even here in this world. He just doesn't remember it. Doesn't remember any of it. Of us." he remarked harshly as he took another sip of his coffee.

"He remembers some of it I'd say." Matilda nodded towards the tv she had on a small table. "Have you watched My Gothic Kitchen; lately? No one is bothering to tweak his writing of the spells for the occult part of the show. I'm sure by now he's written enough to make a small version of his grandmother's grimoire." she gave a small laugh.

Rufus's coffee mug clanked onto the bookshelf as he dropped it, splashing the hot liquid everywhere cracking the mug. "Oh my god!" The familiar went as white as a sheet, all the colour draining out of him as he spun around to look at her. "Didn't he say they were doing a scene today where the voodoo queen character brings some zombies back from the dead?"

"Yes, and?"

"The actress has no idea what she's doing, but if she's going word for word what he's writing and the props people get every ingredient he's written into the script..."

Matilda jumped up off the sofa. "Better get to the studio."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. And the drama continues...)

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