Monday, August 3, 2015

Theme Week p2- werewolves

Never Cry Werewolf

plot: After seeing a mysterious fog roll into the street, Loren notices her next door neighbour has some oddities, like the fact his palms are hairy, and is up all night. Hearing about two missing persons since he moved in, Loren begins to believe her next door neighbour is not just a serial killer, but a werewolf. When the police don't believe her, it's up to her and a local television host to save the day.

This is a 2008 made for tv movie starring Peter Stebbings and Nina Dobrev

So if you're paying attention you've got the chick from Vampire Diaries playing the part of Charlie Brewster, Peter Stebbings playing the part of Jerry Dandridge, Spencer Van Wyck playing the part of Amy Peterson, Sean O'Neill playing the part of Evil Ed and Kevin Sorbo playing the part of Peter Vincent Vampire not joking, this is a werewolf remake of the classic vampire movie Fright Night.   They've sort of changed the sidekick and the love interest around, giving the "Amy" character the twist of being the lead's little brother whom she's got to save, and the "Evil Ed" to the semi-boyfriend.

Not in any way shape or form original, but I'll forgive it because Fright Night is one of the coolest, at the time original vampire stories around. Hell, one of the most original horror/thriller stories to come out of the 1980's.
And as much as I don't care at all for the lead actor Dobrev, I can't hate it because it is a rip off of Fright Night. And you can't deny her Buffy moment either when she braids her hair grabs a cool leather jacket and crossbow.

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