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The Nosferatu Adventures s9 p6

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 230, chapter 230

Darkest Forest

The auburn haired male stood on the edge of the field, staring at the convent. He wasn't ready to walk up to the doors, unsure how to ask for help.  "Not like I can just knock..."he commented to himself while miming the action of knocking.  "...and say hi what's up, that witch still living in your basement because I need a big favour." he leaned forward at the waist balancing on his heels, toes pointing up, then leaned backward palms upward, elbows tight to his hips.

"Why not? That's what I would do." the very feminine voice said behind him. Turning around to see the middle aged woman, the werewolf scratched his ear wondering how she sneaked up on him? How come he didn't hear her or smell her for that matter?  "You're lost." she said matter of factly as she moved past him, the silk pants she was wearing rustling as soft as the trees as she did.

"I'm a werewolf, I never get lost."

"Not like that smart ass." she said over her shoulder as she continued on. "I was expecting you months ago, you're late. Stay there, I'll be back in a few hours."  she just continued on towards the old barn where she lived under the convent.

The male did what he was told, planting himself at the base of the nearest tree, grabbing a handful of grass as he sat with his knees tucked up under his chin. He fell asleep as he seemed to be drained of energy all the time no matter how much sleep he got or how often he ate. When he shifted to wolf form, he would stay like that for weeks at a time, almost afraid to attempt to shift back to his human form.  For the first time in he couldn't remember, he did not dream. He just faded into the darkness of a heavy sleep.
A squirrel twitched it's tail as it braved darting past the snoring lycanthrope to run up it's tree, stopping in fear a few times as the male's own arm spasmed in sleep.

He woke only once the winds shifted bringing the coolness from the promise of rain and the light scent of roses and lilacs. The auburn haired male stretched as he yawned forgetting for a brief second where he was. Springing to a standing position, he got his wits about him, as Kendra stood in front of him, a red shawl wrapped tight around her shoulders, her dreadlocks peeking out from the top of a head wrap, that reminded him of a broken flower vase.

"I need your blood to finish the spell." she said grabbing his arm without asking. A sharp dagger slashed across the softer flesh of his elbow leaving a small trail of crimson droplets that barely lasted before healing completely. But it had been enough for her to add to the small glass flask.

"So drink this and it will stop my nightmares? The ghost that has been haunting me will go away?" he asked.  Kendra lowered her chin laughing a deep rich sound before clicking her tongue at him.

"That is no ghost you retard. Nightmares? Is that what you came here for? Nightmares you just need to take some raw camomile and wormwood.  No this is daminana, vervain, and a few other things that will help you..." she snickered. "Find your way home. What was lost to you will be returned. The visions you have been having are not simply nightmares, they are a piece of you that is so deeply wounded that you don't recognize it as yours anymore. But it is. It has been always." she handed him the flask, cocking her head to the side causing her dreadlocks to swing. "You really so foolish to think that a simple nightmare would draw you here to me for help? A simple nightmare would need nothing more then a few shots of rum to help you forget. No boy, you came to me because you no longer trust." she brought her hand up to cuff his chin gently. "Now go on with you." she shoved him hard with both hands sending him flying backwards, stumbling over a large tree root. "And you'll know when you need to use that." she nodded as he tried to balance himself but couldn't seem to as the winds picked up.

The earth seemed to open up under his feet as if a tornado had appeared under him drawing him in. Dirt, grass, and other such things began to swirl around him making it hard for even him to see; as he raised his hands to shield them. All the air seemed to get knocked out of him, forcing him to stumble again, this time he did fall into the heart of the mini tornado, the blackness swallowing him whole.

The rushing in his ears finally stopped, his nose feeling like someone had punched him, as he steadied himself once again on solid ground. Looking around, The auburn haired male had no clue where the witch had sent him. Pinching the bridge of his nose first, he then cleared the bits of sand from his nostrils, shaking the cobwebs from his mind.

And the familiar scent that filled his senses caused him to freeze on the spot. His normally blue eyes flashed the amber-grey of the wolf, as he snarled lowering first his shoulders, then his upper body to a half sideways hunch. He began to shift involuntarily his upper and lower fangs extending, his nails glass like claws, ears becoming points, and two days worth of beard on his jaw.
The smell was all his brain could compute as he followed it for the next mile up a winding patch of hillside to a clearing near the edge of the village gates. There not too far from the castle's walls, in the village market place was what caused his animal nature to take over.

She walked slowly around the crowd, flanked on either side by two heavily armed female guards, stopping every few feet to extend her gloved hand for a villager to shake and kiss.
Creeping towards the gates he growled low causing everyone to gasp at the sight of him as they froze in shock and fear. Turning towards him the woman's eyes went wide.


Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Well you know what I always say, time portals are like buses if you miss one just wait twenty minutes.)

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