Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Theme week p3-Werewolves

The Wolfman

plot: After finding out about his brother's disappearance, Lawrence Talbot returns home to his family's estate to find he's too late. His brother's body was discovered mauled by a wild animal. Before long, he witnesses another animal attack, becoming a victim himself. On the next full moon, Lawrence not only turns into a werewolf, but learns the truth about who made him one to begin with.

This is the 2010 thriller starring Benicio del Toro and Sir Anthony Hopkins.   It's the remake of the 1941 version starring Lon Chaney Jr.

I know it got bad reviews, but I liked it. Ran a bit long for me, they could have tightened it a bit. (I know there are two versions the cinema version and the extended cut. I've only seen the cinema version and it still seemed long to me)

You buy these actors in these roles. There is just something wolf-ish about both del Toro and Hopkins. This two actors were just designed for these classic roles. Anthony Hopkins will always be Van Helsing to me so, for me watching him in this role just fit. What I didn't jive on was the romance between Emily Blunt and del Toro. It felt forced, as stiff as the corseted dress she wore.

Werewolf stories have such an interestingly chewy bit of balance for me. Little more then just a metaphor for human nature, and yet perfectly able to dig into the psyche.
I would have liked more bits of actual folklore in this movie though, that was the big area it lacked for me.

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