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The Nosferatu Adventures s9 p10

The Nosferatu Adventures
 page 234, chapter 234

Out of Time 

Our heroine stood in the overly bright lights of the bathroom, her feet finding the cool white tiles warm to the touch. She'd been in the prison for so long, in the dampness of the converted well for all that time, that her body was finding everything hot to the touch.  She stared at the shower, her mind trying to convince her this was not a hallucination. She had been recused. Loki had rescued her. Stepping in, she turned on the hot water finding the lavender scented shampoo.
The steam clouding up the small room could not disguise the scent of fresh pastries and coffee, as our heroine found herself at the mercy of her stomach. Following the delicious trail of warmth coming from the kitchen, she stood nervously waiting for Loki to say something. But, he didn't even look up from his task of chopping onions, let alone comment on the fact she'd found the scissors and cut her hair, styling it into it's familiar inch long spikes.

He kept his eyes down, concentrating on the simple too human task of cooking. Normally he'd just snap his fingers and have whatever he wanted materialize; but the dark haired god needed to blend in while in this reality as much as possible. Specially after the temper tantrum he'd had the night at the bar. The fire had been all over the newspapers the next morning.

Turning his eyes up to look at her from under the corner of his lashes, Loki licked his lips overly aware of her presence. Since she'd fed off of him, he'd been able to think of nothing else. Clearing his throat he nodded to himself, popping a cherry tomato into his mouth. "Do you like your eggs scrambled or poached?" he spoke around the fruit as he waited for her to answer.

"Um..." our heroine shook her head twice in disbelief as she poured herself a cup of coffee. "Scrambled I guess."  It all seemed a little too surreal, sitting in an overly white kitchen with the god of shapeshifters doing something so mundane as eating breakfast. Our heroine just couldn't wrap her head around the idea. "This is the part where I ask why am I here?" she said speaking into the depth of her coffee cup. "I mean, totally grateful someone pulled me out of that hell hole, but...why bring me here wherever here is? Why not just take me home, back to Vlad's castle or even back to Reuben and the others?"

"You should never have been in the 1400's to begin with." he replied mindlessly. "I should have pulled you out of that timeframe the second you went there, should never have given you the choice to stay. But I got distracted with the Se...well with another of my pets and I let Bacchus run things for awhile solo. I shouldn't have done that."

"Why don't I hate you? I should hate you for everything you've put me through."

He made a sound as he nodded to himself again, his lips in a heavy pout. "Here is nothing for you to worry about. Here..." his eyebrows knitted together as he began to drop the onions into the fry pan, stirring them with the freshly cracked eggs. " a place for you to relax, process the fact that magick here isn't what you've become used to. Except for us gods. Magick for us is not bound by any place or time."
Moving towards the kitchen table, he began dishing out the eggs steam rising from them to mingle pleasantly with the still warm pastries and coffee that already adorned the two foot table.

"You have all this space, and you're squashed into the corner?" our heroine asked as she leaned one leg on the nearest chair, not sure she really wanted to sit down.

He shrugged screwing up his nose. "I never have guests for meals a small table just seemed appropriate" He raised his hand about to snap his fingers, about to turn the table from a two foot square to a large family size one, then thought better of it. "How are your typing skills?" he asked reaching for the salt.

"Not as good I'm sure as they were before becoming a banshee a decade ago. Why?"

The dark haired god scratched his right ear letting out a deep sigh. "I find myself in need of yet another secretary. That and I want to keep an eye on you." he dropped his voice for the second half of his remark, clearly aware her overly sensitive ears still heard him.
A half hour later they stepped into the elevator going to the office one floor down. Loki stood there for a moment, his eyes focused on the floor as the elevator doors opened.  "I don't like this." the dark haired god replied pointing to the yoga pants and t-shirt our heroine was wearing. "You're suppose to be a secretary, this is a real office with real clients. Skirt, blouse, make-up." he snapped his fingers impatiently waiting for Nosferatu to magick mist a new outfit.

"You're dressed like you're going to a rock concert." she snorted gesturing wildly to his jeans and leather jacket.

He'd been known to torture people for talking back to him, but with her he found her amusing. "People think I'm a trust fund kid playing at my job. They half expect me to look like I'm going to a rock concert. You on the other hand, are the first thing they will see when they walk through the doors. My last three secretaries were serious business."

"And what happened to them?" she asked as she sighed letting the magick mist swirl around her replacing her outfit with a knee length black skirt and a black button up blouse that had short puffed sleeves.

"They got killed." he stated matter of factly.  Our heroine's mouth dropped open as she started to protest but Loki just walked away from her heading into his office. The banshee was one step behind him wanting to know why?  "It sort of is a long story." he turned the corners of his mouth into a pout as he waved her off. "Nothing to really worry about. I don't think. Just..." he ran his hand over his face, the other on his hip.

"Just what?"

"Nothing." he shook his head pretending to shuffle through some papers on his desk hoping she'd get the hint and leave the room. But she wasn't budging.

"What got them killed?" she asked her arms now crossed under her boobs giving them a lift.

"Shacking me got them killed."  Our heroine began to snicker as she looked the dark haired god up and down. "Oh not like that!" raising his voice at her, he tossed the pages he was looking at down scattering them. "I pissed off another god and they took their revenge out on me by killing them. It happens." he shrugged.

"Because they slept with you? Sounds more like a jealous ex then an angry god...oh my god! No pun intended." she mindlessly reached out placing her hand on his upper arm causing Loki to glare at the paleness of it. "It was an angry ex who just happened to be a god wasn't it?" her eyes lit up as she leaned in closer.

"No actually." Loki scratched the back of his skull raising an inch on his toes as he made his point. "I slaughtered a coven of their devotees, so they were doing the same. So to speak." he cleared his throat suddenly feeling the most human he had in centuries.

"Right. Note to self, no ripping off the boss's magickally painted on pants. I think I can remember that." rolling her eyes, our heroine left Loki's office to look around the rest of the place.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. What's he got up his sleeve?)

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