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The Nosferatu Adventures s9 p7

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 231, chapter 231


He took a step towards her, nearly dragging the one side of his body, his left hand twitching as he began to fight the shifting. The woman in front of him raised her gloved hand to lay her palm flat on her chest, breathing deeply.
The two female guards had already drawn their swords moving to attack, getting their throats slashed in the blink of an eye for their trouble. One loosing an arm before her already dead body hit the ground, soaking it and the nearest villagers in her blood. Half the villagers scattered screaming while half were frozen in terror.

"You killed them! They were two of the strongest, fastest in our sisterhood." she uttered the words as if in a trance standing a few feet still from him. "My most faithful of servants."

Grabbing the stunned woman by the back of the neck, the werewolf sped off in a blur to the middle of the woods. Pushing her up against a tree, he sniffed deeply before spitting in her face. "How you doing this? huh? What is it a glamour? Cause I have to admit you look enough like her, smell enough like her too." he tightened the grip he had on her neck. "But you just ain't her and something tells me that if I rip off a piece of your neckbone you ain't coming back from the other side."

"I don't...don't know what you are talking about?" she pleaded with him turning her face to the side as best she could as he continued to choke her. "Please, you're hurting me..." He moved from her an inch, sniffing as he wiped the back of his hand over his mouth, still half transformed.

"Not so fast." he grabbed both her wrists as she raised her arms, the fingers on her left hand in the formation of a hook. "What huh?" he was slightly out of breath, near panting like a dog as he let the saliva drip in a steady string from his bottom lip. "Think I don't know that you're not her? You might be able to fool everyone else, but I'm not everyone else." the words were beginning to become a slurred hiss as his animal nature had taken over, magick mist clouding around his shoulders like steam as he barely bothered to keep the pretense up of wearing clothes.

The woman smirked as she gave a halfway glance towards him from under her lashes.

"Bravo." she tossed her head as if adjusting a loose strain of hair. "You're the only one to figure it out. Four years and no one noticed. Not her husband Vlad..."  The male winched as she spoke. Raising an eyebrow the witch continued. "You didn't know about her and Vlad? No matter he was none the wiser, and if he couldn't tell...nor her lover well my lover Edmund, and not even those damned werewolves. A few drops of that wretched halfbreed's blood is all it took to become her. And to be honest, not the most comfortable job in the world either." she licked her lips. "May I?"

"Everyone's allowed a last request." he snarled.  Dagan watched unblinking as the woman before him began to change form. She became taller, thinner, her face younger than Nosferatu's, her hair long dark ringlets that cascaded over her olive shoulders. "Why? Why on earth would you want to be her?" he pressed his tongue against the roof of his mouth, saliva still pooling around his bottom fangs. "She's not pretty, you're much better looking then she is, so why ruin your face?" he leaned in close enough to let the tip of his tongue dart across her chin, getting just a taste. It was all he could do not to rip a chunk out of her right there.

"Edmund." she let the name fall from her lips in a hush.

"Yeah it figures. What's that guy got that I don't?" he huffed thinking about the Seer from his time. "Second thought I really don't want to know."

Swallowing, she diverted her eyes to look at the ground. "I devoted myself to him. To the covens for years. Gave him everything. My fortune my best spells, everything. And what did I have to show for it? Nothing. Just when it looked like he was about to marry me or in the very lest make me head of his covens, High Priestess; she shows up!" tears began to roll from her eyes in hot anger. "This halfbreed dead thing! Not even human." she snorted a half laugh of disgust. "The ghostly image of his dead wife. It made me sick to watch him fall over her. Again! To watch him break up her marriage to Vlad. He was going to raise her little monsters as his own did you know that? Give them, everything we worked so hard for. That's when I knew I had to do something." she shook her head trying to break free from Dagan's grip, but he just dug his claws into her wrists keeping the witch from being able to cast anything against him.

"How did you know who I was?" he asked pressing his hip and knee against her to keep her from wriggling out of his grasp.

"I get just enough of her memories with her blood to recognize the more important people I needed to fool." she hissed. "Which begs to ask, how did you know? Like I said, few drops a week of her blood fooled the other werewolves for years, so how did you know? I smelled just like her."

Dagan said nothing, just snarled as he reached over with one hand to secure the witch's wrists before turning his face slightly, his lips pressed together in difficulty over his fangs. "The guard on your right for starters. She turned in the crowd, her sword knocking over a water jug. As it poured over the venders table and to the ground, it caused a small stream of running water. Which you walked through." he gestured then to the tip of the witch's wet boot. "Then there's this." he raised his hand that was still holding tight to her wrists, exposing the stains on her gloves. Sniffing, he let his eyes flash for just a half second to their normal blue before returning to the amber-grey of the wolf.  That seemed to unsettle the witch just enough."Strawberries. Nosferatu doesn't like strawberries. You on the other hand seem to indulge in them, the scent is heavy from the stains on your gloves."  the auburn haired werewolf cracked his neck rotating his shoulders as he relaxed the full body press he had been using to pin the witch to the tree. He could sense the fear beginning to build in her. "The fact that you're wearing clothes. No traces of the magick mist anywhere. Nosferatu never wears real clothes anymore, it was the one big thing she loved about her what did you call it...halfbreed lycanthrope side she loved. And real clothes trap scents. The silks and the cottons and the wools; all collect bodily fluids, hair etc." he leaned in millimeters from her neck and face as he sniffed her, his eyes closed, more saliva dripping onto the witch's flesh. "You might have fooled the wolves that didn't know her, but I'm a different breed."

" got all..." she swallowed hard. "...that from just one glance?"

He nodded growling as he grabbed her neck once more with his free hand. "That and the fact Nosferatu would never need or want the company of female guards."

"You can't kill me. If you do, you'll never find her." she whispered.

"Lady, I'm a god damned hunter. I can track anyone anywhere no matter what. My compass is never broken."  he grunted as he bit first into her neck, his hand over her mouth keeping her from screaming. Bending his mouth to her chest, Dagan sunk his teeth into the area just above her breast, ripping the tissue, like tearing the flesh from a turkey leg. Her ribcage snapping like twigs as he made sure to finish all of her heart. Dropping her lifeless body, the werewolf tossed his head back letting out a howl before heading south. 

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Let's just hope our hunter does not become the hunted)

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