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The Nosferatu Adventures s9 p9

The Nosferatu Adventures
 page 233, chapter 233


"How long has it been?" the soothing male voice cooed. Our heroine didn't bother to open her eyes. As she was sure her latest hallucination would be just out of reach. He always was.

"I've long since lost track I'm afraid." she said pushing herself up the edge of the wall, her nose twitching with the coming of the tide. Moving closer to the east end of her prison, she counted as the water rushed in between herself and the voice, creating a stream of running water. Twice a day, the moat was filled, making sure it had just enough water in it to keep her from crossing the room to freedom. Even if she did find a way over the water, our heroine still had a locked cell of pure silver and three armed guards to deal with. She'd learned the hard way when she first was captured that there wasn't any way out for her. Lest not any way that kept any amount of skin on her body, the silver saw to that. The burns she had suffered from the pure silver the first few days she'd been there had left her weak enough on it's own, but the fact the witch kept her half starved, draining her blood over and over again, just compacted her weakness.

The hallucination moved in the dark, dampness of the prison, the sound of his leather jacket echoing to the point our heroine winced; her ears having become so delicate since being locked away. She heard everything now. Not that she didn't before with her banshee and werewolf natures, but being locked away had somehow attuned her sensitive hearing to razor sharpness.
He snapped his fingers creating tiny sparks of light with each movement, balancing the fire on his hands like pea sized bonfires.
Blowing on his fingers, the sparks went out, leaving the place black once more. Locking his fingers behind his head, he leaned back against the damp rock wall, first whistling then humming an old Sex Pistols song. The hallucination wasn't talking to her today. In the beginning, the visions, the daydreams would help our heroine try to find a way out, then they reflected her own desires for company, before becoming nothing more then a way for her to remember what everyone looked like.
Over her imprisonment, she had imagined Rolf telling her about her son, had imagined Dagan's mocking of her inability to escape, had imagined Reuben's taunting her to stay alert. Over and over again she saw The Seer in her mind the way he was on the day they met, before becoming a werewolf. Let her memories flood with both the fear and the comfort he spread through her when he'd kidnapped her so long ago in that lighthouse. She'd daydreamed about Harker and Ash and even Leo, all coming to her rescue.

Her rescue. Our heroine could never understand why Bacchus or Loki had left her here? Why had they at the very lest not come to save her?  Maybe she was just all out of favours? Maybe they had washed their hands of her after she was stupid enough to be captured? Had they given up on her because she had done what they wanted? Given birth to a litter of werewolves. The experiment had been extremely successful, and they had gotten what they wanted. Maybe they just didn't need her anymore and had decided to leave her here to die?

"You know what I miss?" the hallucination spoke finally. "Video tapes. I can't get that line from that slasher movie out of my head about returning video tapes, and it got me thinking about it all." he turned towards her, his sneakers scuffing on the rocky floor. "I mean sure, digital is great, convenient even. Everywhere anytime, but it just doesn't have that realness to it." he brought his knees up to his chest picking at an invisible fluff-ball before standing up. "Dvds, that was something wasn't it? Portable, slim, could fit twice the amount...but there just isn't anything like a good old fashioned video tape." he moved across the length of the prison cell, clearing his throat as he made a grande gesture of lifting his knee high and stepping over the moat of running water. "Renting a horror film was given the same treatment as renting a porno." he continued. "Had to prove ID just to get access to the room with the shelf of them. You couldn't get away with renting more then three at any given time because they were just too heavy to carry around all day. And if you were unlucky enough to have the tape get caught in your vhs...well the arm and leg you had to pay out to replace it." he bowed his head slightly making a tisk-tisk sound as he waggled his finger at her. "And of course, they were just so much easier to copy in the beginning. Bootlegged horror movies, and porn for that matter. It's how most people became fans of stuff. But they were never as clear or as good as the original. The colour would become nothing but orange-y red or completely washed out. Sometimes those crazy tracking lines would appear at the top or bottom of the screen driving you nuts. All because someone forgot to pay attention to the details when making the copy."  The hallucination bit his bottom lip as he grabbed her by the back of the skull, his brown eyes flashing the amber-grey of the wolf before licking her face from her jawbone up to her temple. He planted a quick kiss on her forehead making an exaggerated noise. "People became obsessed with finding the original of their favourite bootlegged vhs movie. Found themselves paying any price they had to to get their hands on it. No longer happy with just the watered down copy."  He snarled opening his mouth just enough to expose both his top and bottom fangs, before grabbing the edges of his leather jacket opening it up as his grey t-shirt magick misted into nothing, leaving him bare chested.
A low growl escaped him as he ran his nails over his chest, blood pouring down in a heavy heat. "I think it's time you got a taste of the real thing, no more of this watered down bootlegged werewolf blood."

Our heroine fell against him, the blood the only thing she could see, the only thing she could smell as the small gush filled her throat like a wave of thunder. Grabbing a hold of him, she dug her nails into his ribs holding him steady as she drank greedily. Gulping like a mindless child at a bottle.

"That's enough." Loki replied grabbing her by the back of the hair, ripping her from him, the blood saliva a thick string as it dripped from her stained mouth and chin, still stuck to Loki's flesh. "Let's go return some video tapes." he smirked as they shimmered away into the darkness.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. So where does that leave Dagan?)

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