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The Nosferatu Adventures s9 p8

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 232, chapter 232

Out of Time

The dark haired male leaned on the edge of the bar, his head down, elbow blocking his drink as he closed his eyes listening.  The band quickly went into a Doors cover, making him feel sad for the briefest second. That was until someone slammed into his back. Opening his eyes, Loki licked his lips turning to see who was drunk enough or stupid enough to get in his way?
The guy was double the size of Loki, with a beard that came half way down his chest and covered in tattoos. Raising his hands, the god was going to back off, but this seemed to irritate the drunkard just enough. Poking Loki in the chest he told him to get out of his way.

"You seem like such a nice ogre what with your dime store press on tats, and your everyone else is wearing it beard, I'd really hate to have to get blood on my spiffy leather jacket."

"What did you just call me?" the drunkard replied, screwing up his nose in a grunt.

"An ogre. You know large ugly and terribly smelly. Not too mention slow..." the dark haired god started to count on his fingers. "clumsy, the intelligence of a gnat, and..." he brought both hands up in an ape like fashion, contorting his face to resemble one as well. "brutishly useless."
The drunkard made a swing at him, but Loki ducked out of the way effortlessly. In a blur, he stuck his left foot out just enough to catch the drunkard and send him falling backwards on his ass. "I just came in for a drink, listen to the band, maybe pick up on someone." he rolled his neck back, bending deep at the knees for effect. "'Relax a bit after a hard day at work."  the drunkard staggered to his feet, his fist flying towards the god. Letting out a deep sigh, Loki grabbed him mid punch. "Now, I've got some overgrown monkey-boy thinking he's the king of the mountain trying to make me bleed." he twisted the drunkard's arm hearing bones grinding against each other as the guy let out a scream. "You're just not getting the hint are you?" he snapped his arm before letting go, shoving the guy a few feet. "I don't want to fight you." Loki turned back towards the bar, grabbed his drink downing it in one swallow before turning again his elbows behind him leaning on the bar as if nothing had happened. "I just want to...finish high school, movie to Europe marry Christian Slater and wait that's a line from a movie..." he shook his head. "I don't want to do any of that. Lest not in this body." he ran his hand over his jeans. "I don't know about you, but I always thought that line would have been funnier if she had said Keifer Sutherland instead..."  the dark haired god spotted another large ogre like biker suddenly out of the corner of his eye, punching the guy before he even knew what happened, just as a second one seemed to appear to his left.
A chair scrapped on the floor as Loki in yet another blur swung his left leg again, this time locking his toes in the wooden leg of the chair, tossing it over his shoulder catching it. That ended up over the back of the one on his left, knocking him sideways.
He ended up causing a domino effect as he tumbled into another biker who was playing pool, sliding down his back to fall on the floor at the biker's feet. Turning, he swore as he made a step towards Loki. Grinning, he thought because he towered over the dark haired god, he'd squash him like a bug easily. To his disbelief, the large man found himself holding his nose with one hand as his kneecap collapsed under him sending him hurdling to the floor in screams of pain. 

"You got blood on my jacket. What did I say about not wanting to get blood stains on my jacket? Huh?" he began to rub the droplets, his fingers becoming taloned claws. "Now, I'm going to have to get hardcore on your ass." he said as his voice took on a gravely tone. Picking the guy up with one hand, Loki growled practically roaring in his face before tossing the 300 pound biker as if he was nothing more then a broom. The music stopped as the band and everyone in the bar finally realized the scene before them was more then just a typical bar fight. Watched as the biker flew across the length of the building and straight out the window on the far side.
Reaching behind him, the dark haired male grabbed a hold of the edge of the bartop, cracking off a chunk of it crumbling it to dust in his hand. People started to push and shove their way for the exits, like a mass of scared children, crushing each other as they did. He could smell the blood of those who were unfortunate to have fallen to the ground trampled underfoot, could smell the fear in their sweat, and urine as they tried to escape. Lifting his hands silently, Loki locked the doors and window trapping everyone inside.
Panic rose to a degree he could feel, his skin buzzing with the vibrations of energy coming off the crowd in shear terror. 

He had been a good boy for so long. Had kept his temper under control for centuries; for the most part and he'd had enough. Snapping his fingers, he watched as one by one people nearest the doors started to spontaneously combust.
It didn't take long for the sprinkler system to be set off, dousing the flames, leaving the few remaining survivors looking like drowned rats. And wasn't that all they were? Rats fleeing a sinking ship.  He scoffed at the thought, rats at lest had the sense to respect a force greater then themselves before disaster hit. 

Stepping over the mass of injured, Loki raised both hands shoving the doors to the main street open, as he shimmered into the darkness.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. We can't have it all light and airy all the time can we...)

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