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The Nosferatu Adventures s9 p21

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 245, chapter 245

Out of Time
Scrapbook Conspiracy

Our heroine let out a deep breath as she exited the elevator, it had been two days since the last time she'd seen Loki outside of the office. He had shimmered off into the either after acting strangely. The dark haired god had literally stopped talking in the middle of a sentence, went completely quiet, his eyes wide as he looked up towards the ceiling, his face in all directions as if trying to track something, then simply disappeared. He had phoned her the day before without an explanation, just telling her to cancel all his appointments for the week. Phoned her! Since when did an all powerful god need to use a telephone?

This morning, she found herself face to face with not Loki, but Bacchus as the sandy haired god leaned on her desk, an empty vase beside him. "Where is he?" the male demanded not looking at her.

"Hell if I know. Nice tie." she remarked trying to move past him but he grabbed her by the elbow stopping her.

"Please!" he screwed up his nose. "you're his private pet project lately, not too mention his personal secretary." the noise he made was something between a clucking and a grunt, but completely filled with disgust.

"Honestly, he poofed into thin air two days ago. Haven't seen him." she snarled the pressure on her elbow forcing her words through clinched teeth.  Letting go, Bacchus cracked his neck a smile suddenly on his thin lips.

"These came for you." he gestured to the empty vase.

"Oh goodie, I always wanted a big batch of empty. You shouldn't have." she remarked grabbing her coffee mug from her desk. Well, the coffee mug had originally belonged to the last secretary, but given she died, Nosferatu claimed it for herself.  It was pink with Team Jacob written on it. At lest she recognized the reference, unlike the one black one sitting in the lounge area that had a slogan about some dude dying and a riot, or the yellow one that sat on the coffee counter with the robot on it. Those she just didn't connect, the only connection they seemed to have was that they all belonged to Loki's past secretaries who were all dead. Which of course meant they had all slept with him shortly before their death. 

"I didn't." Bacchus held out the card to her. "They were roses. Red." he stood waiting for her to read the card but found she had moved across the room at lightening speed her hands up in a surrender. "And that's why I got rid of them. I'll read it for you shall I then...Thanks for brightening my day, Arthur."  he crumpled the card tossing it down on the desk. "Who's Arthur and how did you brighten his day?"

"Some dude who wandered into Rufus's occult shop while I was there, and don't know. Don't have any idea how he found out who I was or where I was either?"

"Rufus most likely. He was always the best tracker of the timber wolves." he yawned."You bored with all this cause I'm bored. How about you say we skip town while Loki is off doing whatever, and jump to the next phase of your immortality?" he let his voice drop a notch as he began cleaning his nails before smoothing down his tie. "I mean, you've already learned how to jump portals through time, your skills on the battlefield have improved tenfold. And I know you are just not the mothering type, so why waste another 140 years playing nurse maid for the big bad wolf when you could be a queen?"

"Sounds like the female equivalent to the whole werewolf alpha status. No thanks. In no rush to read that chapter. Besides, what would we do? Sit around braid each other's hair, talk about wait these little girls you want me to go on girls night out with are one step away from being amazons; some of them actually were amazons before you turned them into Bacchae, boys aren't high on their to do list. Why don't you just give the position to the runner up?" she had turned her back on him busying herself with making a fresh pot of coffee eyeing the clock aware that clients could wander into the office at any moment.

"There is no runner up!" he spat out the words, moving across the room in a blink, grabbing her by the neck. "I'm the one who found you remember? Searched high and low for you for over a century. Did all the work and he gets the rewards. I don't think so." his eyes went wide as his face shifted into something that reminded her of a panther for the briefest second. "You think I picked you because of your keen fashion sense? I didn't have a choice in the matter! We needed someone who had our shared bloodlines, who would be capable of doing what needed to be done without...imploding like a wad of cake batter."

"That's enough!" Loki's voice broke through the anger and disgust that had engulfed the room, as he appeared out of nowhere. "We have a deal Bach. She's my pet for another 140 years. I'm not done with her yet."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Someone's getting impatient.)

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