Monday, December 14, 2015

Year 5 day 12

movie:Mr. Deeds
starring: Adam Sandler, Winona Ryder
format:Netflix Canada

plot:When a pizza delivery guy finds out he's the last living relative of a dead billionaire, he travels to New York for his inheritance, and learns not everyone is so nice.

This was a remake of the 1936 film Mr. Deeds Goes To Town.

This was a remake? I never heard of the original until just now, and I'm wishing I had never heard of this one either. But that does explain some of the innocent plot lines for a movie of that decade.  Overall, this movie was terrible. It was just not funny, the plot was thin, and it just read like a take-out menu instead of a script. So predictable. Nice guy gets screwed over, saves the town, gives the bad guys another chance.
I know Ryder was the queen string bean of my generation, which I've yet to figure out why? But dropping her in this film just made it worse.

what do i think i learned from this movie? nothing I learned nothing.

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