Saturday, December 26, 2015

year 5 day 24

movie: Oceans Twelve
starring; George Clooney, Brad Pitt
genre; Crime, Comedy
year: 2004
format; Netflix Canada

plot: Three years after the first heist, the group find themselves having to repay the man they stole from. With a time limit of two weeks, they travel to Europe, only they find that they're not the only ones working the plan this time. Soon the group is in the middle of a game of one up man-ship with the world's craftiest criminal.

This was good. Better then I expected. I liked the addition of a second thief; it gave a little bit of a spin to the same-old-same-old story.
There is a sub-plot where they have the character played by Julia Roberts, impersonating Julia Roberts as part of the heist. I thought it added a touch of brilliance to the whole film.

It does however, take a good 30 minutes before it gets interesting. The set up to all the characters drags on a bit long for me.

what did i learn? People will fight over anything.

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