Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Year 5 Day 21

movie: Pretty Ugly People
starring:Melissa McCarthy, Jack Noseworthy
format:Netflix Canada

plot:When a group of college buddies get a call from one of them, asking for everyone to meet her for a long weekend, they assume she's dying. When they arrive at the cabin they are all surprised to discover she's lost 300 pounds, and is wanting to share her new energy with them. Only so much time has past, no one is the same anymore.

The film starts off with a voice over of the lead character sort of envious of her friends, saying how beautiful and kind they all are. But, by the midway mark, she realizes their lives have not brought them all the joy they pretend it has. 

There is a scene, where the lead character talks wistfully about having been left out of certain events growing up because of weight and other health issues, and this being her big chance to finally make up for it, and achieve a few goals. She's made fun of a lot in the beginning of the film by her friends. This turns around midway through the film, when the themes begin to become about each of the other character's views of society and themselves. Everything from sexuality to race comes into play, exposing some of the deep prejudices and fears everyone in the group has.

what do I think I learned? Grass is not always greener.

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