Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Year 5 Day 7

Movie: 5 Flights Up   aka  Ruth and Alex
starring:Diane Keaton, Morgan Freeman
genre: Drama
format: Netflix Canada

plot: An older couple have decided it's time to move out of the apartment they've been living in for over 40 years, but finding a new place to live isn't as easy as they originally thought.

Based on the novel Heroic Measures.

I have to say, this plays like a Woody Allen film. I don't think it is, but it really reminded me of both Annie Hall and Celebrity.

There is this quietness about the film. The two leads find themselves interacting with a small group by chance during a week of house hunting. The irony that the people they are trying to sell their home to, end up being the same few people they have to bid against for another apartment, has the Keaton character in a panic, playing up the neurotic elements. Which Keaton does to a tee.
The few flashback scenes are mostly seen through the eyes of Freeman's character; in stillness as he weighs the choices they are about to make.
We see acceptance and fear on different levels from the folks around them, as the sub-plot of a news report that is keeping the bridge ways closed, isolating all the characters.

What do I think I learned from this movie:Sometimes we need to take things slow and reevaluate what we think we know and how we think we should be.

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