Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Year 5 Day 27

movie: Police Academy 2 Their First Assignment
starring: Steve Guttenberg, Bobcat Goldthwait
genre: Comedy,
format: TV Edit

plot: A group of rookie cops have to prove themselves when faced with a gang of petty criminals who start terrorizing the town; while dealing with sabotage from one of their own.

I remember seeing this way back when it first came out, and never really thought of it as a buddy movie before. Actually, more like a bunch of little buddy movies all squashed up together. This sort of manages to break up the storyline into a couple littler ones. Such as the romance between the one set of partners, as well as the sabotage storyline that Guttenberg's character seems to be at the center of.

Some of the gags are simple, but work because of it. Such as the scene in the sushi shop where the pet goldfish begins to boil because it was accidentally placed on the grill side of the table.  Bonus, it's one of those movies that used a montage to get the point across of the story, not just for the sake of using one.

Michael Winslow and Bobcat Goldthwait steal their scenes, and to be honest, who most people think of when they think of this film series.
There's something innocent about movies from that era that never really trickled down into modern films. I miss that.

what do i think i learned? Movies in the 80's were so much funnier.

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