Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Just saw the movie Lovelace.  And it was such a powerful movie.

plot: we follow six years in the life of former porn actress Linda Lovelace as she falls under the influence of her abusive husband and manages to find her way back to her own life.

The list of stars in this - Sharon Stone, Chris Noth, Robert Patrick- alone is worth the look. I can't say what I was expecting of this film, because I wasn't really expecting much of anything because I didn't know much about her to begin with.

The sets, the costumes/wardrobe in this is pitch perfect and you forget that you are watching a film that was made in the last year.  There is one scene and I was just in awe of the wallpaper and details that made up the background of the kitchen while the lead and her mother were talking. One of the most powerful scenes, breaking down the relationships between Lovelace and her family, her crossroads, and her bravery.

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