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The Nosferatu Adventures Season 2 part 7

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 37, chapter 37

"I think it's time to head to bed. My body feels like lead." Harker commented.  Dagan was sitting at the table, one arm crossed the other hand playing with a tea cup, hunched over slightly. He followed his brother with his gaze, his mouth hanging open.

"Might be a good idea. Are you in your old room?" he asked his younger brother.

Harker nodded "Yeah, he's suppose to be down the hall from me, and she's in your room. So, do you want to switch or anything?" he asked standing in the doorway of the kitchen.

"I assume you are meaning the Seer."  Dagan stood up stretching, "I like my room. Your room is over the stables, the smells that come up from it makes me sick." he moved towards the doorway catching the look on his brother's face. "Oh you mean because of Nosferatu?" the werewolf scratched at his jaw. "I'm not letting the Seer sleep in my bed again. Nosferatu can sleep wherever her dead unbeating heart desires." he patted his brother on the shoulder and headed to his room.
He found his room empty when he got there, but her leather bag still on the floor by the dressing table, so she clearly was intending on coming back there. Dagan went to brush his teeth and shower. When he returned to the bedroom twenty minutes later there still was no sign of our heroine. Laying down on the bed, the werewolf sighed as he tried to sleep.


Rolf gritted his teeth grunting in worry as he waited for Reuben to emerge from the bathroom. He'd gone in to shower nearly a half hour before, still moving like he didn't know how to walk. Ash had fixed them something to eat, himself confused on why there were scratches and welts and bruises on Reuben's body that looked days old. Werewolves healed within minutes, hours if they were 'killed'.

"Something really wrong happened, is happening. Do you think it's some sort of spell?" Ash asked as he cleaned up the dishes, leaning on the sink?  "I mean, it would have to be right? Did he piss off a coven or something?"

"It was like he didn't know me. Walked right past me, but seemed to know you..." the large male shut up as his buddy emerged from the bathroom fully dressed his hair slicked back in his usual too smooth to be human ponytail, looking normal.

"It's true then, leave the room for a second and you become the topic of conversation." he smiled wide, his chocolate brown puppy dog eyes sparkling as he did. Leaning over the table, he took a deep breath of the stew pot that was there. "Oh rabbit. Dude, I love you right now." he said taking a seat.  "Where's Dagan? Did he eat already?"

Both Ash and Rolf stared at him with raised eyebrows. "That's all you have to say? You were gone for two days, acting like I have no idea and all you can say..." the larger male stood up from the table in disgust and walked outside to blow off steam.

"Two...two days? You're kidding right?" he ducked his head looking at Ash. "I haven't been..."

Ash sat down in the now vacant seat. "You don't remember anything?"  Reuben shook his head making a duck-bill pout. "Reuben, you disappeared in the middle of the night without a word, and when you showed up again, you were messed up. Literally, like you'd been I don't know, in some sort of accident. And you're telling me you don't remember any of it?"

"No, nothing. Last thing I remember was going to sleep outside by the campfire, then woke up in the shower.  Just figured I had sleep walked again."

"What do you mean again? This happened before?" Ash asked.

"Couple of times. I go to bed, and wake up in the lake." he shrugged. "Just figured it's because I've been exhausted lately. Nothing serious."  Ash turned his head sideways at him, eyes squinted not knowing what to make of it. 


He closed the door to the library, walking silently down the hallway, a single candle in hand. Victor stopped when he spotted the female standing in the middle of the hall, studying a painting.  His eyes fell over her form, wondering what his nephew Harker saw in her? She was a plus size woman, plain looking, too sweet to be able to handle being the wife of a pirate.  Clearing his throat, he waited for her to turn around before talking to her.  She said nothing at first, just smiled meekly at him, pointing to the painting.

"It's a beautiful piece." she finally spoke.

"My sister-in-law, the boys' mother painted it." he said nodding. The painting was of  a woman sitting staring into a calm lake, only her reflection was that of a deer. "The painting in Dagan's room is also one of hers. She used to paint her dreams, said it was to help calm the nightmares."

"That explains his obsession with dream catchers." she whispered, a hint of melancholy in her voice. Her hazel eyes still searching every inch of the painting. Victor suddenly had his answer to his question as he watched her, this sad honesty about her. He moved closer to her, seeing the stain at the neck and left shoulder of her nightgown.

"What happened?" he reached an extremely pale hand out to gently touch her shoulder.

"What always happens. Dagan being Dagan. Oh don't worry, I'm not hurt. It really looks worse then it is."

"I know what my nephew is, you don't need to hide that fact from me." his eyes seemed to sparkle in the candle light, as they roamed over her, lingering at her chest. Our heroine found herself captivated by him, wanting to know more.  She nodded her shoulders relaxing. "I think I might have something else left over from when my wife was alive that you can put on." he gestured for her to follow him as he moved towards his own rooms. 
She followed, unable to resist him, like being pulled by a strange invisible cord. She followed him silently down the hall, and into the bedroom.  This was decorated just as sparse as the others, the only difference being that there was a small writing desk beside the dressing table.  Victor placed the candle on the mantle over the fireplace, which seemed to spring to life on it's own, the heat from the flames making the room glow. He moved towards a small chest that was under the window, opening it to reveal a few dresses and books. Picking one, he turned holding it up in front of her before placing it on the dressing table.
He was back beside her then, quicker then even the werewolves had been, looming over her, his hands firmly on her waist as he pulled her towards him. She felt as if the strength had been drained from her, her breath taken along with it. The feel of his extremely pale lips against hers was like crushed velvet as he kissed her. Victor whispered something to her that she couldn't grasp, as he smiled, his lips crossing hers again.

Dagan couldn't sleep; the rain pounded on the window like angry pennies. Getting back up he decided to head to the library where all the scotch was kept. He was half way down the hall when his ears twitched. Turning on his heels, he followed the sounds. No sooner had he gotten to the library when he smelled the other werewolf a few feet behind him.

"So I'm not the only one who heard that?" the Seer said. Dagan held up his hand gesturing for him to be quiet. They followed the sound till they were standing outside of Victor's room. Opening the door, Dagan stumbled backwards.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story piece. Who's Team Dagan and who's Team Seer?)

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