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Year 2 Mid-Season the rest of the story 30

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 30, chapter 30

Harker witnessed his brother hitting the wall and being flung backwards. He took a few steps back to the opening of the crypt, suddenly feeling out of breath. Exiting the small doorway, he doubled over his hands on his knees gasping for air.

"Harker!" his brother screamed again. Holding up his hand, the younger brother let him know he was okay.

"I need a light, can't see a thing in there." The whole group just shrugged unable to help him. That was until he realized the Seer was standing beside him. "Magic a light." he demanded. The Seer said he didn't think he could given that Reuben had shredded his arm. Harker grabbed the man by the wrist and recited a spell. The Seer's palm started to glow white, as Harker moved him closer to the opening. He all but dragged him across the threshold into the darkened crypt.

"How come they can enter but we can't?" Reuben asked as he put his hair into his trademark too smooth to be human ponytail.

"Someone really wants to keep us from her." Rolf replied shrugging.

"There seems to be stairs." Harker commented as he once again stepped through the doorway again out of breath. Whatever magic was in place, it was making it harder and harder for him to breath while standing in the doorway of the crypt. "Inside the tomb over there." he gestured towards the blackness, again grabbing the Seer's hand shining the magical light. "No idea where it goes. But if you want the female back..."

"No one said we wanted her back." Dagan said quickly blinking. He batted away an invisible bee as the rest of the group all snorted looking at him.

"Uh...maybe we should just in case." Rolf remarked, screwing up his face as he looked at Dagan from under his hair. "We didn't break their sire bond before she was taken. No idea how this is going to affect either of them. Not too mention, the last thing I want is the Magic Ninjas wrath for screwing up."

"Yeah, heard once they made piggy-pie out of someone. After they turned him into a wild boar." Harker retorted. Turning to look at his brother, the younger man gave a shiver. Dagan was paler then usual, his hair plastered to his forehead, his eyes wide and still that of the werewolf. He'd seen his brother transform before, but it had never left a sick uneasy feeling in Harker as it was now. It was almost as if Dagan was unaware that he had already started to transform."I'll take this one with me." he said still hanging onto the Seer's wrist. "His magic might come in handy."

"He's turning. You have about two hours before he's full on wolf." Reuben said pointing at him. "At which point, he'll need to feed."

Harker nodded taking the warning as what it was. He had more then a few silver tipped bolts for his crossbow, so if it came to shooting the Seer, he wouldn't hesitate.  Turning they walked the few feet to where the tomb was, Harker sending the other man down the stairs ahead of him.
They walked downwards about two flights, the air pressure changing as they did, making Harker feel more and more light headed. The Seer at one point just sat down on the stairs, looking like he'd been hit by the worst flu ever. He even puked just before they hit the bottom.
The Seer shook his hand, letting the magic light disappear as they reached another doorway, and stepped out into the daylight.

No words could express the sudden jolt of fear that coursed through Harker's body, sending the hairs on the back of his arms and neck standing straight. The image that loomed over them, was one he'd seen before.

"Where are we?" the Seer asked as he found he could breath normal again.

"The mouth of hell." Harker answered as they stood staring up at the castle that took up most of the mountain top. The Seer turned towards him, suddenly burying his nose in the other man's shoulder sniffing deeply. "Are you alright?"

"Surprisingly so." he replied standing straight, rotating his shoulder. "The pain is gone." his blue eyes shone brightly.

"Good, cause we'll need you clear headed for what we are about to do." Harker said pointing the crossbow at his companion's throat.


Dagan sat cross legged on the tomb, his elbows on his knees, his face in his hands, just staring at the crypt. "She's not dead yet Dagan." he commented. The other two werewolves just nodded as they watched their buddy rapidly loose it. They could do nothing for him but wait with him. Hoping that Harker and the Seer brought her back long enough to sort out the mess. "She's not dead yet Dagan."
Rolf sat up a bit straighter when he realized Dagan was talking to himself in the third person. "The stupid...she'll be fine for awhile Dagan, fine for awhile till she needs wolf blood." he started rocking back and forth his thumbs in his mouth. He shook his head, letting out a small howl. "When she does, I'm going to finish what I started with your little pet Dagan. I'm going to rip her lungs out and feed them to you..."

Rolf  picked up a broken piece of a tombstone and smashed it over Dagan's head, knocking him out.

"Um, what did you do that for?" Reuben asked.  Rolf sniffed, wiping at the corners of his mouth.

"We need to get him away from the graveyard. I have a feeling when he wakes up, he's not going to be Dagan anymore."

Reuben laughed."Oh do tell, who will he be?" he gestured a deep bow as if introducing himself.

"The Ripper." Rolf turned his eyes to glare at Reuben. "I think we might have just lost Dagan. I think his humanity is gone."


Our heroine kicked and screamed at the large creature that was standing guard over her, as she was dragged into a cell.

"There is no need for such behavouir." a voice said from the shadows. Our heroine grabbed the bars of the cell pulling with all her weight but it did no good. Turning she saw a man walk out of the darkness, and she stopped cold.
He was around 6 feet tall, with short sandy blonde hair and the most hypnotic blue eyes, his skin as pale as chalk like he hadn't been out in the sun for years. "I would advice you get comfortable. You're not leaving anytime soon." he gave a small gasp as he turned from her, his hands in the pockets of the dark pants that were obviously tailored for him. "By the way, you can call me Victor." the seriousness never left his tone as he continued down the hallway, his shadow getting longer as he did.

"Dr.Frankenstein, did you find what you needed?" a shorter man asked as he poured himself a drink from a crystal container.

"Don't know yet Bryon, but I think I did." he replied as he closed the doors to the library. 


tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures, starring your straight up story piece. I got you hooked though don't I?)

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