Thursday, August 1, 2013

Year 2 Mid-Season Rest of the Story 25

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 25, chapter 25

"I'm actually surprised that you're acting the way you are about it." Rolf said to Dagan."I would have thought you'd be overjoyed to be rid of her?" they crossed through the area of the woods nearest the village. Dagan hated being around the villagers since his shrooms incident.  "I mean, I don't think you have spent any time with her that you didn't have to?" the larger werewolf scratched at his knee as they passed by the church. "I get that you two are magically linked but still...and I have to say, chaperoning you two nut jobs has been a chore. I almost feel like I need to bill you for my referee services." he grinned, elbowing his buddy.

Dagan looked at him from the corner of his eye, making a chewing motion. His ears twitched, the faint echo of a dog grabbing his attention. "She's a big thorn in my paw." he brought his hand up making a claw with it. "You're right, I haven't bothered with her. Other then last night..."

"Last night?" Rolf stopped walking, his arm out to block his friend. "What do you mean last night? I don't remember seeing you hanging around her last night?"

"It was after you went to sleep. You know, when we came in from the rain..." Dagan said wiping at his mouth. " She ran out into it. I ran after her."  Rolf said nothing but raised an eyebrow which spoke volumes to the other man. Dagan began biting his bottom lip suddenly feeling like he was under a microscope. "I...I drank her blood. Just a bit. More like a taste." he held up his thumb and forefinger in front of his face squinting.

"You drank her you strengthened the bond between you?" the expression on Rolf's face was slight amusement. 

Dagan closed his eyes mumbling. "It sort of...we were laughing and..." he held up his hand counting on his fingers. "...there was just this...and I leaned over and her shoulder..."

"Just happened to jump between your fangs? I'm shocked." Rolf remarked scratching at his eyebrows, a ridge of worry between them. "No, honestly, I'm shocked. I was thinking you were going to confess you had sex, which I think given the situation, would be the lesser of the two evils.What is wrong with you?" the larger man asked, his eyes slits. "You're suppose to be the Alpha but you're acting like a teenager his first time out. Get it together man!"

Dagan stood there staring at his shoes. "It's the blood bond."

"I'm not listening to that excuse anymore. Why can't you just admit that you screwed up. Twice!" he held his hand up to him, two fingers in his face. "You're my friend. I've got your back on this. But this is your mess. You've been trashing on her for being addicted to werewolf blood, but you've got an addiction to that addiction." He moved a few feet from him, his own ears twitching now with what sounded like gun shots in the distance."You've been acting stupid. Really stupid. If I didn't know better..." he shook his head, rubbing his hands over his face.

Dagan took a stance, feet apart, shoulders hunched neck extended slightly. "If you didn't know better what? Huh finish that sentence."  Rolf shook his head, his mouth in a tight line. "Finish your sentence! What were you going to say?" Dagan screamed at him. Rolf stood there for a moment, his arms crossed over his massive chest, not backing down.
Dagan brought both hands up and shoved the larger man, rocking him back a half step. Rolf screwed up his face, shoving back. He grabbed his jaw as Dagan's fist connected sending blood flying. Grabbing him from under the shoulder, Rolf tossed him twenty feet into a fountain.

The larger male let out a roar pointing at Dagan again. "I told you I've got your back on this. You need to calm down!"

Dagan crawled out of the fountain, spitting water everywhere. "What I need is a towel." he dragged his legs over the edge of it, sitting down, shaking his head as if in wolf form. "Okay, you're right. I've been acting messed up." he gestured wildly towards the church. "Stupid...she's in my head, swimming around in my brain and she won't get out." he stuck his finger into his ear trying to get the water out. "Oh wait that's just a minnow." he said holding his hand up to show the tiny little fish. He tossed it back into the fountain, looking into the dirty water. "Here fishy fishy fishy." his voice was a sing-song as he swung his legs like a little kid. "Since when did they allow fish in this fountain? There's goldfish in here too?" he batted his hand at the fish, splashing even more water everywhere.

"You know full well they added the fish after the last time you were caught drinking from it." Rolf replied letting out a deep sigh, rolling his eyes.

"I was thirsty. I had been running around all night hunting."

"You were naked, in human form covered in mud and feathers." Rolf grumbled wiping at his now sore jaw. Dagan shrugged.

"I had to sleep in a chicken coop"

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (another bit of straight up story...But who's going to deny those werewolves eh?)

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