Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Nosferatu Adventures Season 2 part 14

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 44, chapter 44

Dagan wandered into the kitchen, the smell of fresh coffee drawing him. He found Nosferatu completely captivated by a spell the Seer was doing. He had a pink bubble the size of a dinner plate hovering over the kitchen table, with what looked like snow inside it. Sauntering into the room, the older werewolf made a face rolling his eyes as he leaned on the table. "Having fun?" he asked.  He blinked as he turned his face away from her, sniffing. The shirt he'd lent her didn't fit as well as he thought it would, the hem much higher then he'd expected, the top two buttons unable to close. Clearing his throat he shook his head moving away completely from them and over to get himself a cup of coffee. It shouldn't have bothered him so much that she was laughing and enjoying the Seer's company, but it did.
At lest, he told himself, the bond had been loosened enough that he wasn't going into a rage at the idea of our heroine hanging around the same room as the other werewolf.  That should be a good thing. Instead, it made Dagan wonder how much of his blood it would take to rebuild the bond to the level it had been the day before.
He shook his head again, arguing with himself as he stood there his back to them.

"I saw a really beautiful rose garden in the courtyard by the greenhouse." the Seer's voice cut through the silence like a knife. "Want to come with me for a walk through it?" he asked our heroine. She stopped laughing, her face becoming a cloud.

"I can't."

"Why not? What else do you have planned today? Washing your hair?" the Seer joked.

"I can't be around a rose garden. It's too dangerous."  she pulled her hands farther into the sleeves of the shirt as if shrinking from them, before leaving the room. 

"What just happened here?"

Dagan leaned on the table casually drinking his coffee. "Roses are lethal to vampires dumbass."  He felt proud of himself then for remembering that from her notebook. Dagan suddenly got the idea to do some more research.

The Seer let out a breath as he grabbed an apple from the bowl of fruit on the table. "I could end this for us right now, and tell you who she chooses. Or..." he tossed the apple in the air that charmingly slick smirk of his on his pale lips. "We can just blindly continue to try to one up each other where the bitch is concerned. Or is that bat?" he bit into the apple chewing noisily. Dagan looked at him over the edge of his coffee cup.

"You've seen it?" he brought his right hand up to his ear scratching mindlessly. "You had a vision of who claims her as theirs? Why should I believe you?"

"Because, it's her that claims the mate. Or is that too sophisticated for your rules?" he took another bite of the apple still smiling. "I'll tell you this much, it shocked me when I saw it. But, there is always time to change her mind. Not everything is set in stone." he turned heading outside to the garden.

Victor was half way up the stairs, his face covered in sweat and dirt, before he acknowledged our heroine standing at the top of them.  He'd known she had been standing there, waiting for the last ten minutes, but decided to bide his time. She was playing into his scheme better then he'd hoped, why not have some more fun while he had the change. By morning there wouldn't be anything left of her. Leaning in the threshold of the door, he smiled at her, the scents of the kitchen still clinging to her skin, her hair. This was almost too easy, he thought to himself, almost too much to hope for. Not only was he about to get what he'd been working the last few years towards, but he was going to embarrass his nephew in the process.
He leaned in kissing her, feeling her pulse race and her breath catch as he did. He smiled again as he thought about all the damage something as simple as a kiss could create. "You look like something is on your mind." his voice was seductive as he whispered, his left hand on her hip.

"Nothing at all." she seemed to glow as she looked at him. Victor said nothing else as he gestured to the hallway.

Bryon reached over brushing her hair out of her face, gently placing a small flower behind her ear. He laughed as she pretended to blush at the gesture, pretending to be shocked by his forwardness. Licking his lips, Bryon touched the girl's neck lightly, as he stood up walking behind the bench, behind her. Her neck snapped easily, as she slumped forward, Bryon catching her just as she hit the bench. Taking the flower from her hair he sniffed deeply, popping into his mouth.

A knock at the bedroom door grabbed Victor's attention. Opening it, he relaxed seeing Bryon standing there, chewing on what looked like a large daffodil.  "It's done." the shorter man said.


tune in again later for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story piece. Who do you think the Seer saw in the vision?)

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