Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Nosferatu Adventures Season 2 part 13

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 43, chapter 43

Rolf sat on the porch, a mug in hand. "What do you think of all this?" his voice was low and gravely. He didn't have to look to know that Reuben was standing by the edge of the cabin.  The other werewolf said nothing as he sat down beside his buddy, his hair in his face. He took the mug from Rolf sniffing it. "It's mead."

"What's wrong with good old fashioned beer?" Reuben said drinking. He made a face handing the mug back. "That's terrible. Why are you drinking it?" he shivered as he fixed his hair into a pony tail.

"No beer, no wine, no whiskey. Ash had made the mead for the harvest festival. There's like four bottles of it. And right now, I really just want to get drunk." the larger male said as he stared at a tiny moth fluttering around them.
Reuben sniffed again, closing his eyes as the warmth of the alcohol made it's way through his body, invading his brain. He was instantly relaxed and decided to flop back on the porch.

"I am trying not to think about all this. I'm numb to it. I just hope Dagan is okay. And Nosferatu. And Harker. And I suppose the Seer too." he reached his hand out gesturing for the mug again. "So does this mean he has to become part of our lives?" he asked taking another large gulp of the drink before handing the mug back. Rolf grabbed the bottle beside him and poured another full mug.

"That's up to you. Just because he's your bloodline now, doesn't mean you're responsible for him. Look at Ash and Dagan. Up till now, they rarely saw each other." Rolf replied. He threw his buddy a look as he laughed. Reuben was already drunk, as he lay on the porch singing old songs from the 1970's, moving his hands over his stomach like he was playing drums. The larger male got up from his seat and headed to the bonfire that was burning in the fire pit. "I'm getting something to eat."

Ash was sitting in the living room on the sofa staring at the drawing of Nosferatu, still trying to figure out how and why the King had possessed Reuben to begin with?   Rolf had been right about the two werewolves looking alike. Both men had the same build, same style of beard, same long dark hair. But that really didn't answer any of the questions Ash had. Letting out a deep sigh, he put the drawing down on the sofa as he got up, pacing around the small cabin.
He wished he'd known what was going on with the King all this time, he would have gone back to the Fort to help him years ago if he'd known. Ash had just figured, like himself, the King had chosen to live outside of the local werewolf community. He slammed his hand down hard on the counter top repeatedly, causing his knuckles to bleed. The wounds healed almost as quickly as he did it, over and over and over again until he felt a hand grab his wrist stopping him.

The King stood there smiling at him then hugged him. Ash was unable to keep his emotions to himself any longer. This had been his best friend over thirty years ago. The man who married him and his wife, who had trusted him.
"You're alive. After all this time, you're alive." he patted him on the shoulder holding him at arm's length. The King said nothing just looked around them at the cabin, then pulled the nearest chair out sitting down. Placing both hands flat on the table top he pressed his face to the table closing his eyes.
Sniffing, he stood back up shuffling his way around the living room examining everything like a little kid does when they enter a place for the first time. Spotting the drawing he smiled again saying something as he picked it up pointing to it. His voice was so weak it was barely a whisper causing even the werewolf to strain his ears to hear. The King then pointed to himself nodding then pointed to the drawing again. He mouthed a sentence, that to Ash seemed almost like he was asking for something, but he just couldn't make out what it was. Rolling the drawing up into a cylinder the King clutched it tightly to his chest. 
Ash went to the porch and told the others that he was awake. Rolf looked up from his seat by the fire, flicking his hair out of his eyes. Reuben on the other hand was still half out of it flopped out on the porch like a stoned teenager.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story piece, and it's much shorter then yesterdays )

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