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The Nosferatu Adventures Season 2 part 8

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 38, chapter 38

Dagan turned around taking a few steps towards the wall, his left hand above his head palm flat then formed a fist, turning then to the right. He shook his head in disbelief his lips in a thin line of anger. "Nope. No. No!" 

The Seer took a few steps back from the doorway of the room, a hand over his eyes as he sucked in a breath. This was not going to go well.

Our heroine exited the bedroom, adjusting her clothes. "Damned wolf ears. Even in a place this size no privacy." she tried to move past them, but Dagan was beside her. Grabbing her by the arm he spun her around to face him.

"What is it with you and the men in this family? First my brother now Victor?" he screamed at her. "I could understand you shacking up with that thing over there." he pointed to the Seer. "Given he's a seduction demon. I get that. But him?" he pointed then to the bedroom where Victor was standing zipping up his pants. "Let me guess, he gave you some sob story about how our aunt died at the lake one night. How lonely he's been all these years, and how difficult it was raising us all alone after our parents died. Well guess what, he's had three wives already. Lonely widower makes for great panty remover." he let go of her arm moving away from her another few steps. Turning back towards her, he pushed her against the wall, slamming both hands into the stone on either side of her face.
By this point, the servants had started to open their doors wondering what was going on. Dagan growled, foam-saliva dripping from his mouth, his eyes filled with more then anger. "Everything he touches turns to rot! He's the reason all three of his wives are dead! All he can do is destroy. You think you mean something to him?" he punched the stone wall again screaming a very human scream of frustration. "He's not like us." he pointed first to himself then to the Seer then to our heroine. "He doesn't kill for food or survival, he kills for fun. It's fun to him. All his little experiments. You know why my aunt died, she killed herself when she found out what he was up to in that basement of his. Oh yeah." he turned his face to the side, eyes wide, hair falling across his forehead. "You want to experiment on her, on us? Is that it?" Dagan said suddenly facing his uncle. "Okay I'll give you something to experiment with."

The last thing Nosferatu saw was the strange lump in Dagan's hand as he pulled his arm away from her body, then the look of what could only be disappointment and betrayal in his very human blue eyes. She slumped down the wall landing at his feet, wondering why?

He carefully placed the heart into Harker's hand, as his brother seemed to appear out of nowhere beside him. The werewolf licked her blood off of his fingers, his hand, his wrist as he took a step back. Turning an ashen colour, he looked first at the Seer; seeing the shock in his eyes, then the horror on his brother's face.

"I think I really broke her this time."  He took a step back hitting the wall himself, sliding down it. "I think...I...I think...get that away from me!" he kicked at the air dragging himself another ten feet from the still warm heart that his brother was holding. The Seer had left the hallway as well, the scent of blood too tempting for his new werewolf side. Dagan stared at the lump of flesh that was her heart, at the blood that was dripping onto the floor.  He brought his hand still stained with her blood to his throat, his chest as if searching for something. "She's not dead...not dead yet."

"What do you mean she's not dead yet? I'm standing here holding her heart. Which should be in her body, but it's not because you ripped it out of her chest with your bare hand! How could she not be dead?" Harker screamed, trying to hold back the panic, starting to tremble with the effort.

"The sire bond hasn't gone. I don't feel any lighter. I still feel glued to her."

Victor screamed for Bryon as he moved to pick up our heroine.  Bryon came running down the hall, dressed only in a robe, quickly assessing the situation. He nodded gently taking the blood soaked heart from Harker and headed towards the basement behind Victor.

"Why?" Harker was kneeling in front of his brother now, his hands gripping Dagan's shirt, the smell of the blood forcing the werewolf to close his eyes. "Just tell me what possessed you to wolf out like that?"

"I didn't wolf out. I didn't. I swear to you I didn't wolf out." he tried turning his face away from his younger brother, the blood still slick on Harker's hands. But Harker grabbed Dagan on either side of his face, forcing Dagan to look at him.

"You did this as a human?" he left go of his older brother and stood up, backing away from him as far as he could. Shaking his head he raised his hand pointing at him."You stay the hell away from me. All this time, you've been lecturing about how evil our uncle is, but at lest he's a doctor. His experiments are because of something. You on the other hand..." Harker turned leaving the castle.


Rolf was stretched out on the sofa, snoring, when something touched his face. He batted at what he thought was a spider still half asleep. Then a second time as a chill ran over him waking him fully. Opening his eyes, he tried to focus. The large man sat up slowly looking around the dark room, not sure he believed his own eyes.  "You're back?"

"Not really." our heroine replied, a seductive smile on her extremely pale lips. Rolf  ran his hand through his hair, pushing it out of his face. There was blood on his hand, on his face and hair from where our heroine had touched him. "Oh my god, you're..." he reached his hand out towards her chest, to the large blood soaked wound. "Wha..what hap...happened?" his face contorted with worry.

"Dagan has my heart."

"So Ripper found you?" he asked tilting his head staring at the wound. "Are you a ghost?"

She shook her head letting out a sigh. "No, not Ripper. Dagan. Dagan  did this." she pointed to her chest. "Gives new meaning to the term straight to the heart of the matter."

"I don't understand?"

"You will." she patted his hand, leaving more blood smears as she did. "Look sweetie, I don't have much time, I can feel something pulling me one way and something else pulling me another way and I have to answer one or the other. If you want to believe this is a dream, then believe this is a dream but..." she closed her eyes then opened them again, showing them to be the pure white of the banshee. "he did this, Dagan, not Ripper, because he thinks I betrayed him. It's the sire bond." she stopped talking, tilting her head to the side as if listening to someone. "It can't be broken."

Rolf sighed his eyebrows knitted together in disapproval. "Did you break your promise and turn his brother into a vampire?"

"No, I slept with his uncle."

Rolf 's mouth dropped almost an inch in shock as he processed the information. Flicking his hair out of his face, she was gone. He sat there in the dark staring at the spot she had been, then at his hands. The blood was still there. The vision had been real. 

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (another straight up story piece. This is getting intense. We've got sex, scandals and spirits)

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