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The Nosferatu Adventures Season 2 part 9

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 39, chapter 39

Harker wandered into the court yard beyond the castle, the shock still gripping him. Letting out a deep breath, he did his best not to vomit. The rain still crashing down around him, as he managed to make his way to the greenhouse.
The Seer was already there standing in the middle of a circle, a small pot from the kitchen in front of him on a small bonfire.

"So this is the vision you saw earlier."  it was a statement not a question as Harker slumped onto a bench. The Seer made a sound in agreement as he began picking leaves and flowers from the potted plants in the greenhouse.

"I told you he was going to loose control. I just didn't see who was going to cause it." he looked at him with that smirk of his, his blue eyes shinning. "To be honest, and I'm not being egotistical here, I really thought it was going to be me." his voice rose a notch on the last word. "I really thought the reason he was going to loose control was because she picked me." he shrugged as he continued to crush the leaves between his palms, dropping them into the pot."For the first time in my life, in my existence..." the Seer stretched his chin out pointing to his chest. "...I haven't been able to seduce someone. Can you believe that? Me, being turned down. And it bothers me. For the first time ever, it bothers me that my seductions went wrong. I know I'm not loosing my touch. But that bond they have..." he shook his head as he added a blue liquid from a small bottle he had with him. "That runs deeper then any vampire sire bond I've ever seen before. I can't seem to get past that wall."

"This had nothing to do with the sire bond. This had everything to do with our uncle Victor." Harker whispered.

"Well I know that now." he said rubbing his hands together blowing on them. Clearing his throat, he made a motion for Harker to take a few steps back, away from the circle. "Excuse me, this could get messy." he squinted up his eyes grabbing Harker's hand. "Perfect." he ran both hands over Harker's, getting some of the not quite dried blood off of them, then grabbed the nearest basil plant, picking a leaf crushing it between his hands to absorb the blood before tossing it into the pot.
He stood then with his eyes closed for a few minutes chanting under his breath, his hands hovering over the steam that was rising from the boiling pot. Making the form of a pentagram over the top of it, he grabbed a small mug, dipping it into the pot and drank from it.  "This is the part that could get messy. Do you have a weak stomach?"  Harker shook his head. "Okay then, but just in case you do end up vomiting, try to do so away from the magic circle."  he nodded sitting down on the ground in the middle of the circle, and closed his eyes again.
It didn't take long before the doors of the greenhouse blew open with the wind and rain, leaves blowing everywhere, a strange combination of what smelled like roses and peppermint hung heavy in the air making it hard to breath.

The flesh on the Seer's hands and arms seemed to bubble as something moved through his body. He sat perfectly still while his veins glowed a strange blue then orange as the ripple hit his shoulders, and was visible at his throat. Opening his eyes, he started to gag, the thing forcing it's way out of his mouth. Leaning over on his hands and knees, the Seer spat out the thing in a black inky puddle.
Moving to the rim of the magic circle, he waited for the mass to take form, building itself up in a shadowy silhouette of a woman.

"Why have you called me?" the voice was all around them echoing off of the walls of the greenhouse.

"Grandmother, I wish for the knowledge to unbind two souls entwined."

"Are you asking for the power to break apart husband and wife?"

"Yes." he responded without hesitation.

"You are half sidhe. You should have no need to ask for help on such a short matter."

"My powers don't seem to work on them."

"Are you asking because they have come to you for help or because you want one of them yourself?" The Seer looked down at the ground, his lips in a perfect 'o' as he thought about his answer. "Answer me, my time is running short as is my patience."

"Uh...Yes, I am asking because I..." he cleared his throat hoping he could convincingly tell her what she needed to know, without her seeing through the lie. "...because I harbour secret desires for the wife. In fact, it was her blood that I used to call you."  

They watched the silhouette flicker as steam started to rise from it. It seemed to sway in the circle towards the Seer, as if getting closer to examine him. "And just how did you come to have her blood? Did she offer it for hopes you'd give her something in return?"   The Seer shook his head, still staring at the floor.

"She took my blood for something before, and this was in return."  he filled his mind with the memory of her having bit him days before in his chambers at the Fort.

The figure went silent then seemed to sway backwards. "I'm sorry. What you ask is not within my power, and in turn not within yours. Find yourself another mate, one better suited." and with that, she melted into the floor, the inky puddle evaporating.

"What are you really up to?" Harker asked as he leaned forward on the bench. "Secret desires?"

"That's none of your business actually." he blushed for what seemed the first time since Harker had known him.

"That was your grandmother?" Harker asked, pointing, then hugged himself as the wind and rain still blew through the open doors of the greenhouse. The Seer began picking up his things from the floor, dumping the contents of the pot into the ground outside as they began walking back towards the castle.

"My human grandmother was a witch, as was my father. My mother the sidhe. She died. I was raised by my human grandmother." he scratched the back of his head. "My human side is why I've got the gifts of the seers, and why Reuben was able to turn me into a werewolf after he bit me." he had turned slightly, his eyes closed hand now slapping against his thigh letting out a small grunt."And why after getting rid of my soul, I feel like I still have one. I got rid of it because the sidhe side, the seductions and the draining of life, it starts to weigh on you when you're not totally sidhe. When you're half human. If I were just sidhe, I wouldn't have had a soul to begin with. None of it would have bothered me, and..." he pointed at Harker smiling so that his blue eyes crinkled. "...I would have just healed when Reuben tore my shoulder open. I wouldn't have turned into this! This pesky werewolf side, is worse then having a soul. This sense of honor and loyalty."

"Continue, I know you're leaving something out." Harker replied as they entered the castle through the kitchen.

"My grandmother is the one who came up with the spell to keep the King frozen."

"Huh." the younger man continued out of the kitchen and went to find a lit fireplace to dry off.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Aw, the Seer has a soft side)

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