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The Nosferatu Adventures Season 2 part 11

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 41, chapter 41

The three wolves waited just outside of the fence, the sound of someone pacing beside the small opening echoing in their ears.  The onyx wolf raised his head sniffing the air, sneezing.  Someone was close to the opening in the fence, the scent of rum heavy.  They didn't have a lot of time, the three wolves needed to get into the Fort and back out while it was still dark. Shaking his head, the large onyx wolf squeezed through the small opening in the fence, the others right behind him.
They managed to find their way to the King's chambers, Ash now leading the way. It had been over thirty years since he'd last been there, but he remembered every inch of the Fort. Once they got inside the main building, the three wolves transformed.
They only had to dismantle two guards once they were inside. Rolf broke the door down to the King's chambers with ease.  Reuben didn't particularly want to enter the room, and sat on the floor his back against the wall, his eyes closed his hands hanging over his knees as he waited for the others to do what they had come there to do.

Ash moved quickly across the room to the glass coffin. He found the side lock, now that the Seer's glamour spells were wearing thin without him being there to reinforce them; slamming his fist across it. The thin metal clamoured to the floor as the tattooed man lifted the lid.
He got a mouthful of the smoke that was the residue from the freezing spell, causing him to cough for a few minutes. Rolf stood on the other side of the coffin his hands in fists breathing heavy and slow as to not start coughing himself. Once the smoke had cleared out of the coffin, and was hovering around their chests, the two werewolves peered into the depths of it.

The King lay there, still dressed in the same outfit he'd been wearing when our heroine had seen him nearly a week before. He should have been half starved without the Seer there to feed him, but his skin was it's natural colour, his hair clean and kept in dark waves that fell to his shoulders. Nodding to Ash, Rolf leaned in grabbing the still unconscious man by the shoulders while Ash grabbed him by the legs.  They placed him gently on the floor, and waited.

It had been over thirty years since Ash had laid eyes on the King, and had to swallow hard the emotions that shocked him as they sat in his throat.

"How we going to get him out of here?" Ash asked.

"Same way we got Nosferatu out when she was a dead body." he replied picking the still unconscious male up. "Big shoulders."  He gestured towards Reuben. "They sort of look a like don't they?"


"What did you do to my brother?" Harker asked as he sat on the bed, waiting for our heroine to emerge from the shower. She pulled the towel tighter around herself letting out a deep sigh.

"What is it with the lack of privacy around here. And I didn't do a thing to Dagan, he went all slasher film on me remember."  Harker handed her a robe.

"You must have done something to him cause I left him in the library sitting between a stack of shelves, on the floor with two bottles of scotch."

"We argued. Which is our communication of choice. Seriously, that's about it. There is nothing I could possibly do to your brother, I'm not strong enough." she said putting the robe on sitting down beside him.  The dark haired man let out a small sound as he shook his head looking at her over his shoulder.

"For as strong physically that my brother is, he's just as emotional. Always was. Family is everything to him. The two of us living here..." he raised his hand not looking at anything but the floor. "...we didn't have any real friends just each other. Then that night when he...when he became a werewolf..." his voice cracked with the regret of having left him alone.  Our heroine made a small sound as she leaned on Harker's shoulder resting her hand on his elbow. "Loyalty is everything." he got up then and left the room.

There was a light creek as the door opened awhile later, the soft sound of magic mist signaling a werewolf. Our heroine grabbed the edge of the blanket pulling it up over her face as she felt the other side of the bed move.

"I'm really tired of sleeping on floors and the ground." Dagan mumbled. "Can't remember the last time I slept in a bed."

"I'll find another room." our heroine said flinging the blanket away from her getting up. She crashed into the tall male as he pulled her back down on the bed with one very strong pale hand.

"Not going to rip any more of your vital organs out, I'm too tired." he mumbled into the pillow. "We can finish killing each other again after the sun comes up. Besides, to find another room, you'd have to check all the rooms to see which was empty." he raised his head from the pillow enough to glare at her in the dark. "Who knows what or who you'd walk in on?"

"You just better be wearing pants buddy."

Dagan made a sound of pure exhaustion as he grabbed the blanket tossing it over his hips "Alright alright alright."  his voice drifted to a hush and he was soon snoring.


Rolf carefully placed the King on the bed in the cabin, running his hands through his hair completely out of breath. "For a guy who's been in a coma for thirty years, he's heavier then he looks." he moved his left arm, trying to get the kinks out of his shoulder. "This is becoming a really crowded house."

Ash let out a sigh, his cheeks puffing out as he did, as he himself helped Reuben to the sofa. Ever since they had left the Fort, Reuben had been silent and seemed to be spaced out. At one point, he'd even stopped walking. Just stopped and sat down in the middle of the road forcing Ash to grab him by the shoulders and help him get to his feet, one arm over his neck to support him. "Yeah, I have no idea what to do about that." he shrugged. "This place was never designed for more then two people." he moved then to the front door indicating that he was going to chop some more firewood for the outside stove.

Rolf didn't question him on his comment, he knew about Ash's wife. It had been the reason Ash had chosen to live a human existence for all those years. He also knew that it had been the grief of her death that caused Ash's breakdown all those years before, causing him to loose control of his animal side. That was the night he'd attacked Dagan turning him into a werewolf.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story again. There is more to Ash then meets the eye. And his tattoos are a delicious eyeful)

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