Saturday, July 6, 2013

Be the Z

Movie: Zombieland

Where: mom's

Reason: it was on tv

Plot: The USA has become zombie central after a bunch of bad burgers laced  with mad cow disease are consumed. Everyone has fallen victim to the zombie plague except for four random strangers and actor Bill Murray. Their only hope is to find a small town that is completely clean of zombies in order to start over.

I saw this film back few years ago at the cinema, which given my grand distaste for zombie films at that time, was a major thing.  I still don't really care for the genre, but it is a sub-genre of vampire films which is why I saw it in the first place.
As I was saying, I saw it originally at the cinema back in 2009, and I had forgotten just how funny it was. I was flipping channels while at mom's few hours ago, and saw the movie was coming on tv -uncensored- and decided to watch it. You know a movie is funny when my mother is laughing out loud.

I think that's the first movie in over a week that I've managed to see. I really need to get back on track with my movie watching.

till later

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