Sunday, July 14, 2013

He made me

Movie: Factory Girl

Where: sofa living room

Reason: the DVD literally fell at my feet begging to be watched. No seriously, I went to get something bumping into the pile of DVDs and it crashed to the floor by my foot.

plot: we follow Edie Sedgwick as she meets Andy Warhol at a party, and the course of the next couple of years as she becomes the biggest name to come out of his group, along with the love affair that sends her into depression, and drug addiction.

I love this film. There is something about the grittiness of it, that still manages to capture a sliver of the glittery glamour of that time.  Then again, bio-pics usually are some of the best around.
This film makes you wonder who was really the innocent one leading the other astray? Both of the actors playing Edie and Andy take on the characters to the point you forget you're watching a movie. And it brings up the question of what is real love? How far are you willing to go when you have found someone who loves you?

till later

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