Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday July 8th

And I realize I haven't done a weekly round up in a few months. (Friday April 19th was the last)  Okay, so here is a short round up of the vampire movies that I've watched as part of the year long vampire challenge on the vampire themed blog.  Yeah, that was a mouthful.

Day 58 (April 21st)  I covered the next episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer 

Day 59 (May 10th)  I talked about From Dusk till Dawn, this was the beginning of the franchises. Which, I'm still working through.

Day 60 (May 11th)  I talked about From Dusk till Dawn 2 Texas Blood Money

Day 61 (May 13th) I finished off that trilogy with From Dusk Till Dawn 3 Hangman's Daughter.

Day 62 (May 29th) I talked about the cult classic  Lost Boys

Day 63 (June 5th) I talked about the movie Lost Boys 2 Tribe

Day 64 (June 15th) I finished that trilogy with Lost Boys 3 Thirst

Day 65 (June 22nd) I talked about the movie John Carpenter's Vampires,

As you can see, I've been bad with keeping up. Which, in a way is good, given the success of the project last year had to do with my being injured and unable to do anything but watch movies. This year, I can actually get out of the house, so I'll take that trade off.

At some point, I guess I really have to tackle the zombie sub-genre. Which, I'm dreading.

Till later

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