Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wanna see my groovy ash?

Dear book:

You're dead. But that's okay, cause you won't stay dead. You never do.
Love, me.

Okay, I just had the chance to see the remake of  Evil Dead, and I added it to the 365 Days challenge. Why you are thinking?  Because it's a vampire movie by default because of the zombie issue. Or, if you are like me, it's a zombie movie by default because of the vampire issue.

Either way, I watched it on demand and it is now Day 67 on the vampire blog.

But while I was watching it, I got to thinking. What do you think it was about the tiny movie done by a group of movie fans back 30 years ago that has managed to become one of the greatest horror films ever? And creating one of the coolest movie icons ever?
And the book... it became the standard that all witchy-evilish-magic books have to live up to in movies now. That's a lot of weight for one little prop.

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