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Year 2 Mid-Season the rest of the story 21

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 21, chapter 21

Reuben scratched at his jaw, rolling his shoulders as if he were preparing for battle. "This one here." he said, pointing to one of the ships. "It's got a large crew, no one will miss two." he guided her towards a large cargo box. "Don't go in guns a blazing, be subtle. You want to get invited onto the ship, somewhere dark where you can leave the body and it won't be discovered right away. Which means, don't go all wild. Make the bites less noticeable." Our heroine nodded, turning towards the ship but Reuben grabbed her again, spinning her back around. He started to roll up the sleeves of her shirt past her elbows, and unbuttoned the top three buttons.

"Um what the hell?" she started to button them up again.

"Only two kinds of females come to the docks. The ones who take the guys money, and the ones who are trying to save their souls." he started to unbutton them again "You're trying to get invited on the ship, you need to be inviting yourself." he let out a deep sigh his shoulders slouching. "This is not going to work, no one's going to believe...too bad I didn't think to grab a bible or something, but then again, I don't think it would have been too convincing you trying to sell salvation if you yourself were exploding into flames."

"Hey, that whole vampire religion thing total myth." Reuben raised an eyebrow at her."Honest. Every culture has vampires, every religion. Besides, I tested it out the other day in the Seer's chambers. He had this cross hanging in his bathroom and it did nothing. Didn't turn me to stone or sending me screaming in pain or burst into flames or anything."

"Maybe we'll luck out and they will mistake you for a salvation type pretending to be a hooker to get their trust?" he said grabbing a handful of her short pixie cut hairdo, hoping to make it look less flat.

"Says the man who's had his hands on my boobs for the last minute and a half."

"Don't see real ones too often anymore." Reuben remarked. Our heroine burst out laughing to the point tears were clouding up her vision. "See now your eyes are all bright and shiny moist, some colour to your cheeks, that's inviting. It was either that or well I didn't have a plan B." he pointed towards the ship and moved behind the cargo box. Our heroine shook her head still laughing at him as she moved towards the large ship.

The name printed on the side was the Demeter, which caused a strange deja vu for our heroine as she continued to head towards the few crew members who were unloading large boxes. One of them spotted her and smiled as he approached. He was large, his clothes dirty, his eyes dull looking. He was a few feet from her, the sound of his blood pumping in his veins loud, when something else grabbed her attention. Turning to the left, our heroine spotted the shorter man, dressed in a burgundy coloured trenchcoat, handing someone a large envelope.

That was our heroine's next big mistake.

He turned to look at her, smiling over his shoulder causing her to blush at the realization she'd been caught staring. He moved very casually towards her, like he had all the time in the world.
He's the one she thought. The one she was going to turn into a vampire, who would help break the blood bond with Dagan. A quick fantasy flashed in her mind of spending the rest of her existence with him as vampires. She stood waiting for him to approach, her hand mindlessly fidgeting with the necklace Reuben had given her.

"You're new aren't you?" he said once he was beside her. He wasn't much taller then herself, his eyes blue, his nose sculptured, what looked like a day's worth of beard. "I'm Harker. Captain Harker."  our heroine didn't get the chance to introduce herself before he was gesturing towards the ship, leading her up the makeshift ramp.
He took her to his private quarters, the whole time talking about how they had just returned from a trip to Romania. Our heroine smiled, licking her lips as she listened to the soothing sound of his low voice, her attention still focused on what this man would be like as a vampire. He turned towards the bed, removing the blanket from it. 

Our heroine moved backwards towards the wall as she found herself face to face with a crossbow, a large wooden bolt pointed at her.

"Busted wide open." she said as Harker took another step towards her.

"We've nothing for you to steal. Whatever signal you've got set up with your pimp, give it, have him come running in here thinking you've found some pot of gold."

Our heroine lowered her hands, throwing her head back. "Is that what you think this is about?" she nearly laughed out loud from relief.

"Isn't it?"


Harker dropped the weapon onto the bed. "Then better you peddle yourself back to the nunnery because I've already made peace with my god."

Our heroine gave a snort as she shook her head in disbelief. "Reuben was right." she let her hand slap against her thigh. "I'm so not inviting." The crossbow was at her throat again.

"You belong to Reuben?"

"Actually, she belongs to your brother." Reuben's voice echoed from the doorway. He was leaning on the doorframe in such a casual manor. "Put the weapon down before I break your arm." Harker dropped the crossbow again, stepping away from our heroine.  "Of all the guys on the docks you pick him?"  Our heroine said nothing, was unable to even think as she tried to process what she just heard.
The werewolf was grinning wide, his eyes turned to their wolf nature, as his hair fell across his face. "What were you thinking?"

"He's pretty. Thought he'd make an interesting vampire. Break the blood bond with Dagan." she replied still in a daze.

Reuben swore as he pinched the bridge of his nose. "Come on, let's get you back before you do anymore damage." he turned to Harker. "You're welcome to come with us. I'm sure Dagan would be upset if he found out you were here and didn't stop in."

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