Monday, July 8, 2013

Yes please

Been a good week for catching movies on tv. Which is good for the blog.

Saw the movie Yes Man  starring Jim Carrey today.  It's about this hard edged guy who turns everything and everyone down, becoming a hermit. Then, out of the blue he bumps into a former co-worker who talks him into going to a seminar and is challenged to say yes to everything, with the promise that it will change his out look on life. Soon, he's saying yes to everything, and the odd time he says no, bad stuff happens to him. (trapped in an elevator after turning down a sexual advance from his neighbour who is a senior) He ends up meeting this girl after two random events, and with saying yes to everything, he finds his life opens up to all the great stuff it has to offer.

Okay, what did I get from have to be open to stuff, no matter what.

till later

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