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Year 2 Mid-Season the Rest of the Story 8

The Nosferatu Adventures
Page 8, Chapter 8

Our not so brave heroine started to look at the tree trunk that was now a make shift bridge. She looked at it and took a step back from it. She might have been part of the undead now, but she still didn't think she was ready to climb trees.

"Come on!" Reuben screamed at her clapping his hands once. "It's easy. Four steps and you're across. Hop, quick like a bunny." he started to jump in place.

"Yeah not helping." she answered. Our heroine had to close her eyes for a second and get her barrings.  Reuben was standing there his eyes once more the amber-grey of the werewolf, but the smile on his face completely human. It was more unsettling then you would think. She started laughing suddenly thinking it was the perfect metaphor for a man. She laughed so much that she started to make a sound that was something between a snort and a cackle.   All three men had to cover their ears, as her voice took on an unearthly tone.    Suddenly, she stopped laughing, nearly choking unable to breathe as two very strong arms had her in a choke hold. (that's an awkward sentence) Our heroine suddenly couldn't breath as two very strong arms had her in a choke hold.

"Shut up!" Dagan had her in the submissions move, his teeth dangerously close to her throat. "What are Banshes known for? Their screams right. Right. And what is one thing werewolves are known for? Their very sensitive ears right. Right. So right now, you are three seconds away from me snapping your neck and killing you again. Shut up!" he snapped his teeth at her shoulder. "Have I mentioned yet that I really don't want to be doing this in the first place?"

"Yes, multiple times." Rolf remarked.

"Hey!" our heroine screamed as she found herself nearly crumpled on the ground inches now in front of Reuben, her lunchbox and binder crashing to the ground. "Rat bastard! Didn't have to kick me."

"You're across aren't you." Dagan said matter of factly.

She started to laugh again. "I actually have a boot print on my butt."

"Are you okay?" Reuben asked pointing at her.

"No. I'm exhausted, thirsty and have a dirty footprint on my bottom cause some werewolf with ego the size of Toronto kicked me." she was still laughing. "Please tell me that's just mud."

"You're fine." Reuben's voice lowered as he grabbed our heroine by the sleeve dragging her along with them. "You really need to learn to keep up though. We could have been through this place two hours ago if you would just move a bit faster."

"I still haven't figured out, if you three don't want to be doing this, helping me through this big dark evil forest." she finally stopped laughing. "Then why are you? Why not just bail?"

"Can't. You called up the Magic Ninjas and they told us to do it. When they order something, you just do it. No questions asked." Rolf replied.

"Rules man you know I hate them." Dagan said, his eyes bright. He screamed suddenly startling our heroine, as a large net engulfed the werewolf. He was dangling about ten feet above the ground smoke coming from the ropes. Rolf took a step forward to help him, but fell to the ground howling in pain. Our heroine turned to see a large silver tipped arrow had been shot into his back between his shoulders. Another clipped her own arm as it found it's mark in Reuben's leg. He also fell to the ground in pain.  "Silver, the ropes are threaded with silver!" Dagan screamed as he tried to claw the ropes.

"You're safe now."  a voice rang through the forest as four women dressed in red appeared from a tall tree.  "They're not going to hurt you."

"Rolf! Don't move you're just causing the arrow to go deeper." Our not so brave heroine was shaking as she tried to help the very large werewolf, completely ignoring the crazy amazons. But it was too late. She could do nothing as the silver coursed through his veins, turning his skin to an ashen colour his veins a dark blue against his skin, burning him from the inside. Turning, she saw Reuben had fallen to the same fate, blood foam at his lips as he reached the arrow, breaking it in two the silver end still stick deep in his leg. "Do not die on me! You can't die and leave me alone in the forest with Ripper!"

"Get me down from here!" Dagan screamed at her still unable to free himself from the net. Our heroine heard the final arrow zip past her as it struck Dagan in the back. She watched as two of the red dressed amazons moved towards their prey cutting him down. The silver's poison too far gone in his system. He slumped forward, clawing at the ground blood pouring from his mouth as he let out one final gasp.

"We spotted you before they could do anything to you. What is your name sister?" one of them said as she bent down beside our heroine, her long dark hair the only thing our heroine could see. Grabbing her by the mess of hair, our heroine flung the amazon as hard as she could. She heard the bones in her back snap as she hit the tree they had descended from, rolling into a heap of dead limbs.  Another of the red clad amazons was beside her in a flash, a very large silver knife pointing at her.

"We were only trying to help you. I understand, you are scared. If I was being held captive by three men I would be too."

Our heroine's eyes turned white, her fangs exposed, her nails as sharp as the knife still pointing at her.

"What are you?" the woman asked taking a half step backward, the knife still pointed high.

"You slaughtered them! You so deserve the slow painful death I am going to give you. I mean, that big one was like a monk or something, and him over there the one who looked a bit like the Sun god Apollo pretty sure he's into guys, and the so called dangerous one, more scared of me then I ever could be of him, totally neutered. So I'm fairly sure you just slaughtered three innocent men." 

"There is no such thing as an innocent man." she spat the word.

"If you think we monolog for a bit then get into a big battle royal, oh look air." she pointed behind the amazon knowing that she would turn to see what was behind her. Our heroine didn't even bother to grab the knife, just bit her wrist, then elbowed her in the throat. The amazon couldn't breath let alone scream as her blood poured. Dropping her, our heroine stomped on her throat killing her, before grabbing the knife and throwing it at the closest of the other two. It landed just above the heart, but was hanging from the armpit of the red clan figure.  "Damn, someone forgot their slayer training." she was beside the red clad woman in a flash, her nails already tearing at the woman's eyes. "That really looks like its painful glad I'm not you." more blood everywhere. "So glad I don't have to pay that cleaning bill. Ow." our heroine reached her left hand up to the back of her skull tossing the now half dead amazon into the tree trunk, turning her attention to the final red clad figure. "Opps, forgot about you." she grabbed her neck snapping it and continued to twist until the dead woman's skull was decapitated. "Learned everything I know from watching vampire movies. And wrestling."  Stepping over the bodies, she made her way back to where the werewolves were laying. "You know what else I learned from watching vampire movies, never leave the team unburied. Or is it never let a team member bury the rest of the team alone? Something like that, will have to rewatch John Carpenters Vampires to double check."

Our heroine sat beside the bodies of the three men, not sure what to do. Rage and A scream escaped her, echoing off the forest floor, sending the nearest animals running from her, the birds in the nearest trees flying away. The nature of the Banshee in full force. "That was a little unexpected. I mean, dude, only knew you guys for like a day but this Banshee thing, it's got a mind of it's own you know." getting up she saw what looked like a small church yard not that far off in the distance and started to laugh. "Oh my god, the graveyard was just over the...wolves might belong in the forest, but men belong in graves. This is going to take forever dragging your heavy werewolf hides like what a mile and a half?" she stood up grabbing Reuben by the shoulders and headed in the direction of the graveyard. "This could take days. You're going to be all gross and icky by the time I get one of you buried."

He twitched opening his mouth letting out a howl. Our heroine dropped him, screaming in shock. "Not...dead yet." he rolled over coughing. "Get this thing out of my leg please!" he was scratching with long glass like nails at the silver tip of the arrow still lodged in his leg. Our heroine quickly dug the half inch into his flesh tossing the broken piece into the trees. Reuben turned to look at her from under his hair as he made it to his knees. "They didn't finish the job. My skull's still attached."
Turning back to the others, our heroine once again began digging the arrow out of Rolf's back. He too seemed to be alright once the small triangle of silver was removed, as she then crawled over to where Dagan was.

"Death is too good for you after what you've put me through." she whispered into his ear as she dug the arrow's tip from his back. He gasped coughing up blood as he turned to look at her.

"I guess it's a good thing you are not a werewolf eh?" Rolf said coughing. "Being able to handle the silver."

"I won't go that far." she held up her hands showing the burn marks. "It's actually one thing vampires and werewolves have in common. Silver is poisonous to us too."

"So you killed all four of them?" Reuben asked. Our heroine nodded. "Then I guess initiation is over. To be honest, did not think you had it in you."

"What's so important about the graveyard anyways?" Rolf asked as the large man stood stretching. 

"Get to the graveyard, get back on track with my research. Finish what I started seven months ago. Back to reality."

"You make it sound like this is a dream or something." Reuben added with an uneasiness to his tone. The smile left his bright eyes. "Nosferatu?"

Our heroine shrugged. "Or something." 

"Hands behind your heads." A male voice echoed through the area. The group turned to see they were surrounded. Our heroine tried to count how many men were standing there pointing weapons at them, but there were too many. 

"I guess this means the  Queen knows about you." Reuben mumbled as he locked his hands behind his neck.

Tune in again later for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures, starring your (yes this was another piece that was just straight up story. But we've got another few months to the year still and I haven't watched any movies this week)

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