Saturday, July 20, 2013


movie: Sinister

where: mom's on Shaw Video On Demand

reason: It just looked cool

plot: a true crime writer moves his family to the house where a brutal murder happened in order to research it. He has not told his family that their new home is a crime scene, only that it happened in that neighbourhood. As he moves boxes into the attic, he discovers an old 8mm film projector and a box of home movies. Sitting down to see what might be on them, he discovers not only are they snuff films, but that they seem to be connected. At first he believes them to be the work of a serial killer, then of a cult. As he digs deeper into the connections of the killings, his children start to become affected by sleepwalking and night terrors. Deciding to move again in hopes of solving the family problems, he makes it worse and opens a door that can't be closed.

This stars Ethan Hawk and I have to say, I'm not a big fan of his but he is perfect in this role. This is a real horror film. You know the formula but it doesn't matter, the story is still solid, the acting brilliant, and the feel just creepy enough.
There are a few cheap jump-scares, but it's what's needed to keep the vibe going.

I think we have a new Freddy on our hands here - all puns intended- with the mythos that is created in this movie, you can go in so many directions.  And from what I've been reading there is a sequel in the works.

There is something about having an isolated drunk writer who sees things, that is rooted firmly in any really great horror/thriller story. 

I'm actually debating if I should add this to the vampire challenge or not?  I might. Just because the big spooky in this devours souls. Which comes under the vampire heading. 

till later

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