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Year 2 Mid-Season the rest of the story 24

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 24, chapter 24

"Did the female make anyone upset? Any enemies?" Harker asked.

"Yep. Don't have time to make a list." Rolf responded calmly. He pointed to Dagan as he came around the corner of the cabin, his hair slicked back from having washed the blood out after their hunt. "I've got good news and bad news. What you want first?"

"Good news of course." he said smiling.

"Okay, we don't need to go to the graveyard tonight." Rolf said running his fingers through his hair. "Bad news, the reason we don't have to is because someone grabbed her."  The smile never left Dagan's face.  "Feel any different? Like the bond being broken?"  Dagan shook his head.  "Then I guess she's still around somewhere. Not, you know..." Rolf made a staking gesture to his heart. Dagan continued smiling for another few long seconds, before it sunk in they were not joking.

"Damn it! Great just great." he stomped his foot then spun in a circle, his hands at his sides in tight fists. Tilting his head to the side, he made a face, puckering his lips in a thin hard line, his eyes closed. "Stupid... Let's go find her." he raised his left arm then let it slap against his thigh. "And when we do, I'm going to finish the job I started. Have her heart and lungs for lunch." he stormed off towards the road.

Reuben and Rolf just stood there for a moment, both shaking their heads."We've got to find a way to break that bond." Rolf said. "I'm dreading what's going to happen to him when she is gone back to wherever she's suppose to be."

"If she doesn't end up slaughtered first." Reuben added. Letting out a deep breath he scratched at his ear. "None of this would be happening if he'd just left her human."


The Seer brought another large heavy looking book over to where our heroine was still chained to the bedpost. "You know..." he placed the book on her stomach. "...hold this for me." he leaned over reading, tracing his finger lightly on her throat. "And your throat, amazingly enough, is not wide enough for the charms I'm going to need to paint on it. Guess I'll have to invest in a really delicate paintbrush. Is it hot in here or just me?" he removed his t-shirt, the candle light flickering, casting dancing shadows on his pale skin. "In case you're wondering, I've put one of my cute little binding spells on you to keep you from talking. I was all out of duct tape." he placed the book on the table again, moving around the room slowly. He said nothing for a few minutes while collecting jars and ingredients, taking them to the table with the cauldron. "You really should just relax.We've got plenty of time." he added a splash of some pink liquid from one of the jars to the cauldron. "And I was thinking that, why should we stop at one portal, if it works." he rubbed his hands together crushing some sort of herb into the mix before crossing back to her. "Pay attention cause this is good news for you. If this works, then we'll be able to open portals whenever and wherever we want. Which means I'll need to keep you alive." he said eyes wide, mouth open before smiling again at her. "I hope you're not the jealous type, because I'll still have to continue doing what I do." he climbed over her on the bed, stretching out beside her again. "My power only gets stronger when I seduce other creatures. It's sort of like how you feed off of blood. Same idea." He ran his hand through his short dark hair. "Which reminds me..." leaning over her, he retrieved a small leather pouch from the floor, removing two small bottles of blood. "...I'm aware of your little addiction. And this should get you through the night at lest. I'll get more later. The good thing about having a werewolf hooked up to an iv, is that you can use the iv to take blood as well as use it to feed him." Placing it back on the floor, he rested his hand on her shoulder, sending another wave of relaxation through her.
"I can't help but think that if I had just gotten to you sooner, before you got hooked up with those furballs, that it would have gone a lot smoother. None of this would have been necessary. I mean, I tried being your friend, that didn't work, tried giving you secrets to win your trust, that didn't work. And when I saw Ripper's reaction after what happened to you in that ring, well I knew I had to resort to force." he moved closer causing the bed to shake, a faint scent of sandalwood and nutmeg on his skin. "And I don't like using force, it's bad for the complexion."

Bringing his hand then to his lips, he whispered something under his breath, touching his fingertip to our heroine's throat. The binding spell had been removed, allowing her to talk.

"Had you gotten to me before the others, I'd have been no use to you. I was human then. The only reason I'm a Banshee, is because of Ripper."

The Seer smiled once again, his blue eyes calm. "Ironic then isn't it. I would have figured something out." he said running the back of his hand across her jaw. Our heroine could do nothing to fight him. Whatever spells he was using, were being transferred through his skin, and he was making sure that he was constantly in physical contact. "I have a small confession to make. I think I might like having you around. You're more interesting then the last one I had to seduce." he rolled over onto his back, his hands behind his head. "It was a fairy. But she was a toad worshiper.Can you believe it?" he laughed out loud, his voice raising a few notches, his eyes crinkled. He looked at her over his shoulder, turning back on his side facing her. "She worshiped toads. Ah man."

"And what did you steal from her?"

"This." he brought his hand up showing her a perfectly round bubble. It glowed green, and inside it, she could see a tiny tree. Blowing on it, it disappeared.  "And trust me I earned that. Do you have any idea what it's like sleeping with someone who smells like swamp constantly, who's fingers are stained green from the toad juice? She drank a steady diet of frog juice." he scrunched up his face. "And I don't mean blood either." he tapped her forehead. "This will be better. I don't have to work so hard to make you fall in love with me. I don't have to pretend to be in love with you either. Cause that's such hard work."  He started to trace circles on her thigh. "How's my hair?" he asked as he ran his hands through his hair again.

"Oh my god!" our heroine's eyes brightened in the candle light. "You don't know what to do with yourself. You have no idea how to not be in seduction mode."


"I still can't believe that of all the guys on the docks, she picked you? How is that possible?" Reuben asked.

"She didn't actually." Harker said as the four men searched.

"She didn't?" Reuben looked at him over his shoulder as they reached the edge of the woods.

"I spotted her. I know all the regular females who haunt the area, hookers and nuns, and didn't recognize her. Took her for a common pick-pocket at first."

They stopped walking. "So you're saying you noticed her? You picked her out of the crowd" Reuben air quoted the word crowd. Harker nodded, licking his lips. "And you planned on doing what?" he shrugged fixing his hair into his trademark ponytail.  Harker said nothing just raised an eyebrow. Reuben let out a deep breath, his eyes wide. "Brave man."

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (yeah, another straight up story piece.)

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