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Year 2 Mid-Season Rest of the Story 10

The Nosferatu Adventures
Page 10, Chapter 10

"Seemed like a good idea at the time."  Dagan replied, a smirk planted firmly on his lips. Reuben snorted.

"You're one to talk. For the few minutes you thought she was dead you wanted to throw her on the BBQ. Always thinking with your stomach." Rolf flicked his hair out of his eyes.

"You did?" Dagan squinted at him in the near darkness. "See now that is why we can't seem to shake the Big Bad Wolf syndrome. You need to space your hunting out some more."

"You seem almost angry." Reuben's voice rose a notch as he moved a step ahead of him, following Rolf who had now begun walking through the tunnels.

"I'm not...I'm not angry." Dagan started to scratch at his shoulder. "I just can't believe you'd let me do all the work and then steal the win. That's just not cool."

"So you're plan was to BBQ her?" Reuben asked, his eyebrow raised at his friend, as he licked his lips.

"No. I just wanted her to shut up. She talks more then I do." he made a face like he'd tasted something bitter. Rolf nodded in agreement as they continued on for a few minutes, then found themselves at a fork in the tunnels. "Which way?"

Rolf sniffed the air but shrugged. "I can't tell. There is just too much sewer stench masking everything." he gestured to the left telling Dagan to take the one tunnel and he was going the other. "Reuben up to you."  Reuben squared his shoulders cracking his neck, surveying the situation.

"I think I'm going up." he pointed to a small shaft about fifteen feet above them. "I think that's some sort of air shaft."

"What if it's a sewer shoot?"

Reuben shrugged. "Long as it's not an oven, I don't mind the dirt." his eyes had changed to that of the werewolf as he took a few steps back then ran towards the small space, jumping up and quickly disappeared.  Dagan nodded to his friend, letting the wolf take over. Sprinting down the tunnel in full wolf form, he headed left, leaving Rolf alone.


Our heroine walked back into the main room, dressed in a worn out dress shirt. Thankfully, it seemed to cover her. She waited for the Seer to follow her, which was difficult given he was still wandering around with one hand over his eyes trying to not peek. He'd smashed into everything, the shower door, the shelf with the shampoo, the trash bucket and even the door to the main room twice.  It didn't help that he was a little dizzy from lack of blood.

They heard a crash, and both turned to see a small covering of the air vent come crashing down, bouncing off the floor, just before Reuben followed it. He hit the floor in one of his trademark shoulder rolls, and crossed the few feet quickly to where they were standing.  The Seer gave a small scream as he jumped up on the desk, then started to try to climb a bookshelf.

"Werewolf! There is a werewolf in my private quarters." he managed to knock half of the books off the shelves trying to get a foot hold.

Reuben smoothed down his beard, eyes still the colour of the wolf, as he stuck out his tongue smiling. The magical mist then began to wrap around his body, causing first his shirt to disappear, then the rest of his clothes. Our heroine turned slightly, her hand in front of her eyes.

"Roo, what is it with you boys and being naked? Not that I'm complaining."

"I have no idea." the wolf replied covering himself. "I didn't do it on purpose."

"Uh, you're standing in my sacred space. Take a few steps back. No one can use magic in my sacred circle but me." the Seer commented still hanging onto the bookshelf. He gestured with one hand towards the corner of the room, which was a mistake because he ended up loosing his grip and falling hard. "I'm okay. The large pile of hardcover books broke my fall."

Reuben took a few large steps backward, as the magical mist returned, and he was once again dressed. Our heroine moved towards him. "Uh, that was interesting." she commented as she took a half step into the corner then another back into the circle. "Oh right here. It's like hitting a blast of wind for a second. I thought it was just the air ducts before."

Reuben leaned over then slightly sniffing her. "You smell different."

"You are the second man in under twenty minutes who has told me I smell. I just bathed, shouldn't smell."

"I didn't say you stunk, just that you smell different." He took another deep sniff. "You smell" he moved a few steps to where the Seer was and again took a deep sniff of the air. "Like him. Oh my god! Did you two...?"

"What? No!" they both said in unison.

"Then why do you smell like him." he leaned over the Seer again. "Hang on, but he doesn't have your scent. When two people...explain."

"I fed off him."

"You fed off him?" he said pointing to the Seer. "What are you like a psychic or something? You're not a witch are you?" Reuben's jaw was squared as he raised his head a bit. "Cause I will eat you if you are a witch."

"Psychic is a good enough word for me." he gulped nervously as he took a few steps away from Reuben. "Would it help matters if I said she bit me without consent?"

Reuben fixed his hair into another too smooth to be human ponytail shaking his head. "Nope." He moved back towards our heroine, nodding towards the door. "Come on, we need to find the others. Get out of this place."   The Seer screamed jumping back over the desk. Reuben turned to see what the situation was.  A wolf stared back through the window. "It's just Dagan."

"I'm dead." the Seer screamed again backing up into the corner. "He's going to kill me and rip my arms off. I like my arms."

Reuben already had the window open, letting the large auburn wolf into the room. The creature growled as he stalked the Seer, slowly forcing him to the floor, where he sat curled up in a ball, before turning abruptly and standing beside our heroine and Reuben. 

"Hey!" our heroine jumped back a half step swatting at the large wolf as he grabbed the hem of her shirt with his teeth. "Bad dog."

Reuben was unsuccessfully trying to keep from laughing, his eyes lit up with the effort.  "When this is all over, you two really have to iron out your issues." Reuben couldn't keep the laughter in any longer as he crossed his arms, rocking back and forth.   Dagan let out a short howl, then whimpered turning to his buddy, as he snapped at his arm. "Hang on, something's wrong." They watched the large wolf as he shook himself as if shaking off water. "He's stuck. Can't transform." Reuben knelt down then; a look of worry on his face as his eyebrows knit together.

Our heroine moved backwards towards the wall, and held her hand out. The wolf bowed his head as he moved the few feet towards her. He howled again as the bones in his body started to shift and crack. Turning her face from the sight, our heroine didn't open her eyes until she felt the heat of Dagan's breath at her ear and knew he was standing there in human form."He has a binding spell on the room. No one can use magic in the center of the room." she whispered as she blushed. "Put some clothes on."

Dagan stretched, a smirk on his face. "I hate clothes. Besides I'm all sweaty from the fur." but the mist was already forming around him, and instantly a pair of pants and boots appeared.

"Like I said, you two need to iron out your issues." Reuben was now pointing at the two of them as he leaned against the wall, his chin resting on our heroine's shoulder.

"Are you saying you think we need to get something straight between us?" our heroine remarked.

Dagan rolled his eyes pointing at her. "That's one I haven't heard since high school. Marks your age just a little bit." he brought his thumb and finger up to her nose.  The man smiled in spite of himself, his eyes sparkling.

She sidestepped both men, moving to the center of the room her hands out as if feeling her way across the empty air. "It's not the Queen. It's you." she twirled around pointing at the Seer. "That monstrous wall at the gate. That's your doing!" She stomped towards him.

"My spells, his demand." the Seer was standing in the corner of the room now, backed up from her as much as he could. "I only do what I'm told." (ready for the links for the flashback) "Like I have a spell if you need to Be raising the dead or if you want to learn how to Dance, or pretty much anything you Please"

She slapped him on the back of the skull, as she moved another few feet towards a large curtained area. "Good, just what I need."

"Um, that's just my closet." the Seer said rubbing at the back of his skull.

Our heroine waved a pair of grey shorts at him then slithered into them. "Yeah, did you really expect me to walk around still half naked? What was it you said, I might scare the children if there were any lift."

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