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Year 2 Mid-Season Rest of the Story 22

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 22, chapter 22

"Did you say vampire?" Harker asked. Our heroine nodded still trying to process everything. "How could you possibly belong to my brother if you're a vampire?"

"Dude, it's a long story." she said closing her eyes. "So you're not a werewolf though?" she asked. He shook his head. Grabbing a leather messenger's bag, he agreed to go with them. Reuben filled Harker in on everything that had happened as they walked back to the cabin.  Our heroine tripped twice from the distraction that was Harker. (well he was cute and our heroine is a clumsy goof)
When they got back to the cabin, they found Dagan standing outside by the large tree that Ash had hung the piece of leather on to dry, chewing something while looking up at the sky.
A maple syrup like substance covered the man's mouth and was smeared across his face. Walking closer to him, our heroine saw what looked like a large piece of honeycomb in his hand as he bit into it greedily.  Running over to them, he grabbed her by the shoulders, guiding her towards the tree.

"Come here, come here, come here." his words were nearly blended together as he spoke. "Here have some of this." he shoved the half eaten honeycomb into our heroine's mouth.  She spat it out making a noise. "Well that wasn't very nice. I was sharing!" That's when he noticed Harker standing a few feet away with Reuben.
Standing very still, his shoulders hunched, neck extended, Dagan glared at his brother. Wiping his face, the male wolf grabbed the ends of our heroine's shirt and proceeded to then wipe his hands in it, before  turning and disappearing into the woods.

"That's the only shirt I have." our heroine commented as she turned towards the cabin.  She found Ash cleaning fish on the kitchen table, and Rolf stretched out on the sofa trying to sleep.

"He said to give him an hour once you got back, then to wake him to go to the graveyard." Ash remarked. "What happened to your clothes?"

"Dagan wiped his sticky stuff on me." she blushed. "That sounded so wrong."

"I'm awake." Rolf's voice was low and gravely. "He's been eating nothing but sweet things all day. All the sugar is gone, he got to the point where he was just eating the sugar cubes by the handful, then he was spooning out maple syrup, climbed a tree earlier destroyed a bee hive for the honey." Rolf said as he yawned sitting up. He stuck his tongue out like he was tasting something bad. "And the strangest part is, he grabbed a handful of flowers and made a tea of it, tried to get me to drink it. I've been tasting garlic all day."

Both Ash and our heroine stared at the large male. "He tried to get you to drink tea made out of garlic flowers?" our heroine asked. "Is he on drugs, like right now?"

"No but I think he's trying to keep you from getting a fix. He tried the garlic flower tea on me this morning too." Ash commented as he stood crossing to the sink, cleaning off the knife then went back to his task. "If everyone has garlic in their system, you can't feed off of them."

"Then why would he be loading up on sugar?" our heroine asked crossing to the bathroom to clean her shirt. "That's just going to make his blood all that more inviting when I feed. What kind of mind games is he playing?"

Rolf pointed at Ash. "I hate to say it, but I think he's marking his territory. I mean, he does weird things sometimes, but this is just..." Rolf shrugged flicking his hair out of his face.

"So we're back to that whole Alpha male thing again are we?" our heroine asked as she walked out of the bathroom, the ends of her shirt soaked from having cleaned off the mess.

"Hey, like it or not, you're sort of the deciding factor in this." Rolf grinned at her, his blue eyes shinning. "An Alpha with a female has more seniority. This blood bond, as far as the rules go; carries pretty much the same weight as if you were actually his mate." he stood up stretching to his full height, scratching at his stomach. "I'm not even sure Dagan realizes what he's doing? Unlike some people..." Rolf's eyes became slits as he glared at Ash. "Dagan has spent so much time in wolf form, that his instincts are more wolf then human."

"Is this something we can fix before you lug me off to the graveyard?" our heroine asked.  The very large man's eyebrows knitted together in concentration.

"I never considered how this might affect things. I'm still taking you before sundown." he said pointing at her.

"Well, then we better hurry cause that only gives us about five hours to figure out what the Seer is really up to, unfreeze the King putting him back in power, find me someone to turn into a vampire to break the bond with Dagan, unless of course his hottie of a brother Harker out there is willing to be my vampire boyfriend... what?"

"Did you say Harker?" Rolf asked as he quickly moved out the door of the cabin. He stood on the porch, his arms crossed over his massive chest, a look of stone on his face.

"There's a story there isn't there?" our heroine asked Ash as she leaned over the kitchen table, trying to listen without having to go back outside.

"Harker and Dagan had been camping the night Dagan was bitten. Harker ran, didn't stay to help. Didn't come back for days. By then it was too late, Dagan was a werewolf. Rolf's family sort of took him in. Regular wolves have a strong sense of community; werewolves more so. Extremely loyal creatures. I know these three haven't really been acting like it, but trust me on this."

Our heroine smiled at the very tattooed male, leaning over closer to him. "So what colour are you? Your fur I mean when you transform? I've noticed all three of them have different colour fur. Dagan is auburn, Reuben caramel and Rolf onyx. What are you? Blue from the tattoos or something?"

Ash scratched at his jaw his eyes turned up to look at her from under his long dark lashes. "Red. A shade or so lighter then Dagan. He and I are from the same bloodline. As is the King."

"So you were all bitten by the same werewolf?" our heroine gave a small scream. Ash didn't bother to turn around to see what had scared her. He had smelled the other werewolf's scent before he had climbed through the window.  "Dagan! Damn it! You nearly gave me a heart attack." she stood up straight.

"You can't get a heart attack, you're already dead." his voice was low, barely above a whisper as he tilted his head, rolling his eyes at her, still the amber-grey of the werewolf. He then rested his chin on the top of her hair, taking a deep breath, his teeth exposed, his nails long glassy points, what seemed like two days worth of beard on his face suddenly.

"Okay this is awkward." our heroine said unable to move. The male bent his face to her neck sniffing deeply.

"You smell different. You fed off of someone." he sniffed again, his nose trailing from her jaw to her collar bone. "Oh just Reuben. That's okay I can...can live with that. Harker's off limits. Promise. Say you promise."

"I can't do that."

"Promise me that my brother Harker is off limits! That you're not going to bite him! That you're not going to feed off of him or try to turn him. Say the words." he had grabbed her by both elbows, his nails digging in.

"I promise that if he rejects me, I won't force it." (get ready for the one flashback link)

He Banged his hand down hard on the kitchen table causing her to jump. "I'll take it." Dagan rested his chin back on top of her hair. "See that wasn't so hard was it? We can all get along if you just play by the rules." he made a grunting noise that was more human than animal, moving from her suddenly, his hands in the air in a surrender motion, completely in human form again before jumping back out the window.

"Well, seems you got arise out of him." Ash remarked.

Our heroine blushed. "And the bruise on my hip to prove it."

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures, starring your

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