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Year 2 Mid-Season rest of the story 18

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 18, chapter 18

"Well fix it! Undo it!" our heroine said turning to Reuben.

"That explains a lot actually." Rolf said laughing as he walked into the cabin, taking a chair and sitting down. "Explains his behavouir..."

Dagan interrupted him. "Now now now. Alright alright shut up!" he turned to his buddy his hand out at him wiggling his fingers, his other hand at his lips "Ssshh".

"...when we went to dump your body." Rolf continued.

"Yeah, how did you guys manage to escape?" our heroine asked as she made her way back over to the sofa, curling up in the corner of it.

"Well, you were dead and the one guard went to remove your body from the cage and this one here went nuts bit his arm clean off at the elbow..." Rolf pointed at Dagan.

"We needed a distraction." Dagan shrugged.

"...had to kill a few of the guards but we managed to get out of the Fort and to the cliffs. With your dead body I might add. Didn't really have a choice, had to dump your body into the river. There were a few guards that had followed us, and burying you wasn't an option in case they dug you up to drive a stake into your heart or cut your head off. Knew the water would carry you with the current and all we would have to do was fish you off the beach. Wasn't counting on anyone else finding you first. But this blood sire thing, explains why he..." Rolf started to laugh again, a deep rich noise. "...acted the way he did."  Dagan relaxed for a second thinking Rolf was done talking. "He was..."

"Aaahh! No no!" Dagan covered his ears then thought better of it and moved a few feet to our heroine and covered his hands over her ears. "Enough! Ssshh. Seriously." Rolf shook his head still laughing at his buddy but didn't say anything else. Relaxing Dagan moved his hands away from her ears.

"Was talking to you. Just stretched out on the ground beside the edge of the cliff right before we dumped your body, telling you not to worry that the water wasn't as cold as it looked and that you'd be fine. Kept repeating over and over that you would be fine in a few hours. All the while making the dream catcher, just mumbling about how you didn't have any pockets." Reuben added. "Then he pouted for a bit after we dumped your body. Just sat there staring over the cliff." he leaned on Dagan's shoulder, a smirk on his face causing his eyes to crinkle and sparkle. Dagan shoved him off snarling.

"So his reaction has nothing to do with you being his mate?" Ash asked as he busied himself with the task of making a pot of tea.

"No." our heroine said laughing. Rolf and Reuben both turned to look first at Ash then at Dagan, and both men were snickering.  Dagan made a movement like he was wiping his feet as he smiled clearly embarrassed at the idea. He left the cabin then without saying anything. That just made Rolf and Reuben laugh harder.

"I think as long as we keep you two separated when you need to feed, everything should be fine. The bond in theory should start to weaken the more you feed off of others. In theory." Reuben remarked. "And I can only assume that it will work the same as any other blood bond in that once you create another vampire, your bond will be with them." he scratched at his temple looking over her shoulder at the wall."I'm going to go hunt." he was out the door in a blur.

"Do you need to hunt?" our heroine asked Rolf as she yawned. The very large werewolf rubbed his stomach and made a face shaking his head.

"Na I'm good. I had two full guards." he smiled at her like a little kid telling her a secret. "So what do you think the Seer is up to?" Rolf asked as he sat up straight in the chair accepting the cup of tea from Ash.  Our heroine shrugged as a cup was handed to her too.

"I don't know, but something isn't adding up." she noticed the look that passed between the two men. "Okay ever since you boys showed up there's been a strangeness. What's up?"

"Nothing you need to worry about." Ash said sipping his own tea. Rolf snorted flicking his hair out of his face. "You think different?"

"Yeah I do actually." he gestured towards our heroine with the mug, sloshing tea on himself. "The reason Ash here is a hermit is so that no one challenges him for his Alpha position. Which is ironic considering he's stopped living like a werewolf and is trying to pass for full human. Isn't that right?"

"Dagan seems quite happy filling those paw prints. Alpha suites him." he took another sip of the hot liquid.

"So now you know. Just in case you thought all this talk of mates was legit, it's not. Just a territorial thing." Rolf added as he turned his eyes up to glare at Ash over the edge of the mug. Getting up he headed outside. "In fact, it's such a lovely night outside, think I'll spend it under the stars." he stomped his way down the front porch stairs and let out a small howl.

Our heroine was asleep, dreaming of fog and the slow dripping sound of ice melting. A voice began whispering in her ear, telling her something in another language but she couldn't understand it. She woke slowly, turning towards the back of the sofa, as something dripped on her face. Opening her eyes, our heroine found herself blinking away a droplet of spit. Sitting up, she focused on the large shadowy figure that was curled up, balanced on the back of the sofa. Her first thought was to freak out in disgust at the realization that she was covered in werewolf drool, but instead she had to cover her mouth to keep from laughing out loud.
The large caramel coloured wolf had somehow perched himself on the top edge of the sofa and was snoring. Looking around the room, our heroine saw the other two also in the room, one by the fireplace and the other on the small rug near the door. Rain poured outside the window explaining why the werewolves had retreated inside. "Well you're inventive I give you that." she whispered before hitting the sofa knocking the werewolf to the floor. He yelped as he woke up, shaking his head at her growling. "If anyone ever told me I'd be sharing a bunk-bed with a wolf I'd have said they were insane." she moved from the sofa. "Reuben, take it for a few hours. But you have fur, I keep the blanket." she stretched heading towards the fireplace sidestepping Dagan as she added another piece of firewood to it. The sofa creaked as Reuben stretched out on the sofa in her place. The wolf sneezed twice as he sniffed the pillow our heroine had been sleeping on. She scratched the back of her skull then pointed at Reuben. "If you gave me fleas I'll kill you."  The wolf snorted sneezing again scratching at his ear himself.

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