Saturday, February 21, 2015

Random movie Feb 21st 2015

The Big Year

plot: Three birdwatchers, spend a year competing to be listed that year's best. Dropping everything at a moments notice to travel across the United States and Canada, they find themselves making choices about their personal and professional lives that they didn't think they'd be forced to make.

This is the 2011 movie starring Steve Martin and Jack Black.
It's based on the non-fiction book.

This was listed as a comedy, and there were moments that were funny, but this was a drama in every real regard.
The characters each had their own personal journeys they had to dive into, each at different stages in their lives. One character starts off with nothing to loose and looks at it as a once in a lifetime adventure, while another character sees it as a missed opportunity. And the third main character is afraid of live beyond what he's created, afraid to let go of his record.

I like that it managed to mix the buddy road trip film seamlessly with the dramatic point of having to find your own balance. All three of the main characters have to learn what they are comfortable with loosing in order to gain their real prize. So many of us now a days find it hard to balance our real passions with our responsibilities.

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