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The Nosferatu Adventures S7 p9

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 187, chapter 187

Dagan stood there, his right leg shaking as he grinned, nodding along to the song. Our heroine wasn't sure what to make of it as she watched the auburn haired male start to sing along to the song only he could hear at that moment. Reaching up to grab the other earphone, Dagan put it in his empty ear, the cord still hanging around our heroine's neck, trapping her against his shoulder for a long few seconds while she stood in shock. 
The sputter of laughter that came from both Rolf and Reuben broke the trance she seemed to be in as she ripped the earphones from Dagan's ears.

"I'm going to go." she mumbled turning from the tall male, "This whole day has been a mistake." she managed to move from him adjusting her purse on her shoulder, turning to wave at Rolf and Reuben. "It's been nice meeting you two."
She hadn't gotten more then ten feet when a hand grabbed her elbow. Dagan was once again standing beside her, a deceptively blank look in his blue eyes. She waited for him to say whatever it was he had stopped her for, but the male just stood there chewing his gum, another hot rush of cinnamon drifting between them.  Side stepping to let a couple of teenagers pass them, Dagan spat out the gum, his hand now at her waist as he led her into the nearest building. He opened his mouth as if to say something, but thought better of it, blinking before rocking back and forth. Catching something out of the corner of his eye, he nodded towards a small booth that was selling homemade crafts.  "Okay what am I looking at?" our heroine asked feeling emotionally drained.
Saying nothing, Dagan started to paw at the rows of knitted mittens, scarfs, woodcarvings, beaded necklaces and printed postcards, stopping at a small group of keychains. Leaning over the edge of the booth his fingers tapping on his chest he bit his bottom lip.

"What's that one there?" he pointed to one that was off on the side away from the display.

"That one is broken. I've moved it for the trash." the man said mindlessly.

"Can I see it anyways?" Dagan asked suddenly feeling defensive. The seller shrugged turning to grab up the broken item handing it to him.

"Suit yourself."  It had been a mini-dream catcher with a small moose carved on top, but the moose had broken clean off at the base. "If you want it you can have it. I was going to just toss it anyways." the seller replied having turned his attention back to another customer. Dagan thanked him, turning his back to the guy. Smiling more to himself then the female, Dagan held the bottom half out to her, keeping the small moose for himself.

Holding the small dream catcher up to the light, our heroine blinked, a strange dizziness forcing her to brace herself against Dagan's arm. Flashes appeared behind her eyes of a forest and large wolves. Images that felt so real she couldn't feel the floor under her feet any longer; only the tree roots and dirt. Opening her eyes, she swore she saw the male's beautiful blue eyes staring back at her in amused puzzlement shift to amber-grey ones, causing her to grip his arm just a bit tighter.


"Oh no. Pull them out now!" Bacchus demanded as he stood from the chair pointing at the mirror. Loki told his buddy to chill out as he waved his hand in front of the mirror, causing it to go black in a strange cloudiness. A moment later, the image that appeared before the two gods was of our heroine passed out in her room at Victor's vineyard.  "What the hell was that?" Bacchus asked turning to look at the dark haired god.


"Well obviously. But why? Aren't these alternate worlds suppose to be separate from each other? Isn't that part of why you did this?"

"Yes and no. I told you earlier, I put them all there so that they could remember what they mean to each other." Loki responded crossing his arms over his chest as he sat on the edge of the large table. "I need to undo your mistake." he grumbled reaching around to grab a goblet of wine from the center of the table.

"My mistake?" the sandy haired god pointed to himself. "Is that what all this was for?" he gestured to the mirror. "To get those two back together?"

"In a way yeah."

"Dagan came to me begging me to release him from his bond with Nosferatu. I only did what he wanted." the god replied rolling on his heels, his hands linked behind his neck in frustration.

"And now I'm trying to put the pieces back together. Dagan doesn't know what he wants." Loki nodded more to himself as he moved from the table walking slowly around the large room. "The werewolf side of him wants Nosferatu, needs her."

"But the man doesn't." Bacchus replied pointing again at the mirror.  Loki waggled his finger at him as he emptied the goblet.

"Are you forgetting that he was simply a man when he ripped her heart out of her chest?"

"After she slept with Victor!" Bacchus's voice rose in disgust.

"Exactly. The human side of him was just as hurt as the lycanthrope side. Besides, Dagan was your choice for her mate. You're the one who let him claim her as his mate to begin with. I'm just following the rules you already set down on the chess board." Loki shrugged gleefully. 

Making a sound caught somewhere between disapproval and disgust, Bacchus waved his hand in dismissal.  "Carry on."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.  Did you remember the order of the playlist or did you have to go back a few pages?)

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