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The Nosferatu Adventures S7 p8

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 186, chapter 186

"It's so weird." our heroine whispered. "I'm having this really wild deja vu today. Like, everyone I've come into contact with, I feel like I've known for years." she looked at Edward expecting him to raise an eyebrow and laugh. But what she got from him was a smile as he leaned over planting a quick kiss on her right temple.

"Yeah, now that you've mentioned it..." he scratched his ear casting his blue eyes down tracing the edge of the book with them, as he watched our heroine's slim pale fingers tapping on a page. "I thought I was going crazy earlier." he cleared his throat twice glancing around, his left palm first smoothing down his shirt, then landing on the small of  the female's back. "Like, the dude with the hair." he gestured to the right side of his face. "I had this really strong urge to like, hug him or something. Like you would a brother or cousin you haven't seen in a while. But I'm glad I didn't cause that would have been weird and possibly dangerous for my bodily health. Cause he's also kinda scary." he tilted his head to the side closing his eyes.

"Yeah. His hair seemed wrong." the female shook her head closing her own hazel eyes for a brief second. "When I first saw him, one of my first reactions was what the hell did you do to your hair?" she shook her head again returning her attention to the book.

"One of your first reactions? What was the other?" Edward leaned in a little closer.

"All I could think was that he's got such a great neck. So smooth and just the right shape, right size."

"His neck? What?" Edward grinned at her as he squinted up his eyes this time actually raising that eyebrow at her in puzzlement.

"I'm sorry but he does. Reuben has a beautiful neck. And all I could think was how wonderful it would be to chomp down into it. I mean, really some men have ugly necks with their adam's apple sticking out like five feet or worst, no neck guys. I hate that. Too many men on this planet have that all shoulder to chin no neck thing and it's gross. I really don't see how anyone could find that appealing at all. So yeah, I noticed how beautiful Reuben's neck was." she was blushing at this point, her normally candle wax pale skin was covered in a hot red tint that covered even her ears.

"Wow. You're weird to say the lest." Edward commented as he spotted Ash and Dagan watching them.

"Hey, what ya reading?" Reuben's voice said out of nowhere as both him and Rolf stood suddenly a few feet behind them. Edward closed the large volume quickly as if hiding something.

"What? Nothing important. Just my grandmother's recipe book." he smiled nervously, gathering the book to his chest. "Ah look at the time." he brought his empty wrist up to his face. "I have to go...I've got an elsewhere I need to be. But, we should do this again sometime." he pointed first to our heroine then back to himself. "You and me. Talking...cause that's all we were really doing was talking in case these two large intimidating looking gentlemen are here to protect you or something." he bowed his head rapidly taking first a half step back still clutching the leather book like armor, then nervously leaned in to plant another quick kiss on our heroine's ear. Edward ran off then before anything else could be said, leaving our heroine confused.
The dark haired male wasn't looking where he was headed as he continued as quick as possible through the pockets of people, dodging the dog poop, discarded cigarette butts, and general trash that lined the fair grounds. If he had been paying attention, he would have seen the strange fog that seemed to seep upward from a sewer drainage vent. But he didn't. Instead, Edward continued on towards one of the buildings near the small stage where a country band was playing.  There was a new age psychic working at a booth, selling tarot decks, candles, charms and doing readings for people. She was also a close friend of his late grandmother. The whole point of Edward having gone to the fair grounds that afternoon was to see her, and find out some information he'd read in his grandmother's book.
Butting his way in the line of customers, he smoothed down his hair as he cleared his throat, waiting for her to notice him.

"Edward!" the middle aged woman stood up from the small table she had been sitting at, her short hair in it's usual spray of dreadlocks. "It's been ages." she hugged him as the wispy bell sleeved see-through blouse encased them both, the large shell necklace she favoured digging into his chest as she did. "You're late." she moved from him just an inch waving her finger at him.

"Hi Kendra. I got held up chatting." he cleared his throat glancing over at the half done tarot reading, and the very annoyed customer who the reading was for.

"Well, you know I hate late. So you just have to wait your turn now." she scolded him gently pointing to the customer. Edward nodded telling the customer he was sorry for interrupting and took a few steps back to wait.
That's when it happened. A fire seemed to creep up his spine at the same moment he felt the air being knocked out of him. Gasping Edward felt like he'd swallowed a few lungfuls of smoke. Turning towards the door all he could think was needing air, but he couldn't seem to make his way through the crowd, as if it were closing in around him on purpose. Spotting the men's room he ran for it, without thinking shoving his way into the bathroom, leaning on the sink running the cold water. But it was of no use, he passed out before he could manage even one mouthful to stop the coughing.

He stood a few moments later, stretching, feeling every muscle tighten to it's maximum. Cracking his neck, he realized this body was even shorter then the one he'd borrowed in the past. Pan smirked at his reflection in the bathroom mirror as he picked up the fallen book. "Who would have thought the Seer would be nearly powerless in this world. In any world?"  Tossing the book into the far corner of the men's room, he turned to leave. "No need for that now." 


Dagan made his way over to where our heroine was standing with Reuben and Rolf, grabbing a bottled water from a cooler by the stage as he did. Ash having left to deal with one of a million issues the band was having.

"Feeling any better?" Dagan asked cracking the bottled water taking a large gulp. He jumped up on the five foot amp taking a seat. 

"You sick?" Rolf asked. "I notice you weren't eating anything earlier."

"Fine. Must have been the heat or something." the female replied waving her hand as if dismissing the issue.

"Yeah, the perfect 17 degrees celsius heat. Must have caused you heat stroke. Or you know, that just right overcast sky that isn't really letting any sunshine happen, that caused it." Dagan said taking another gulp of the water.

"What's your point?" Reuben interjected removing his glasses pinching the bridge of his nose. Jumping back down Dagan capped the bottled water leaving it on the amp, raising his hands palms upward at his sides.

"Nothing." he grinned at Reuben before turning away from them. But he didn't move. Instead, the auburn haired male reached back grabbed the bottled water opened it again, and poured it over his face, tossing the empty bottle to the ground. Slicking back his hair with both hands, he turned to face them again flicking the extra water off them. Water ran off his hair, down his ears, off the edge of his nose causing him to sniff. 

Our heroine closed her eyes shaking her head. "Deja vu."  Fans had started to collect around the main stage, creating a bit of a wall around the small group. One tripped smashing into our heroine, sending her flying into Dagan. Catching her, he reached out taking hold of the left earphone holding it up to his right ear nodding. The intro for track seven had started.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Uh oh Pan's back)

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