Friday, February 13, 2015

Theme Week part 3 -Love

Catch and Release

plot: A young woman finds out at the funeral of her fiance that he led a life with another woman she knew nothing about. As she discovers more about it, she finds herself falling in love with another man.

This is a 2007 comedy drama starring Jennifer Garner and Kevin Smith.

This was a surprisingly touching story. I went into it expecting the typical drivel of bad romantic-comedy, but instead it ended up being more endearing then sad. Everything that happens in this film is subtle, with nothing exploding the way you would expect it to in the more emotional scenes. It's a quiet film -emotionally.

I loved the little touches of the Smith character being a guy who works in a tea company, spouting -pun intended- little quotes of wisdom that he reads on the back of the tea boxes whenever the situation is needed.  Tea is comforting, and his character is like a living breathing cup of tea.

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