Friday, February 6, 2015

Random movie Feb 6th 2015

Powder Room

plot: Sam decides to go out to a club with some friends she hasn't seen in years, only to bump into her current group of friends. As she feels embarrassed by her current life, she spends half the night jumping back and forth between the two groups and hanging out in the ladies room, where she overhears bits and pieces of everyone's drama.

This is a 2013 British movie starring Sheridan Smith and Jamie Winstone, and is based a stage play.

I have to admit, I went into this not sure I was even going to make it through the first ten minutes, but it ended up surprising me.  It's funny in all the right ways, without being overly rude. At the core of it, you have a group of women who are all for one reason or another, not completely happy with the way their lives have turned out, and all trying to live up to some expectation of what a powerful/sexy woman should be.
From the good girl who can't get into phone sex no matter how hard she tries, to the under aged teens who sneak into the club, to the fashion divas and perpetual party girls; each character has to learn where to draw their own line.

I actually really liked this. And I'm not the type of girly-girl who digs "sisterhood" type films.

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