Saturday, February 28, 2015

Random movie Feb 28th 2015

Laggies (aka Say When)

plot: A woman about to face thirty, finds herself wondering why she can't seem to fit in with her married friends, and after her long time boyfriend asks her to marry him, she runs away. Bumping into a group of teenagers outside a store, she forms a bond with them, and ends up staying with one of them for a week. To complicate things even more, she starts dating their dad.

This is the 2014 comedy starring Keira Knightley, and Sam Rockwell.

This felt like a mix of Jane Eyre and Slacker (the 1991 Linklater film) You've got the idea of a governess type character falling in love with the dad, while dealing with the feeling of being adrift trying to find where you really fit.
I liked this film. Sadly, because I can identify with the idea of not fitting in with the age-expected social norms (mid-life identity crisis anyone?)

There were moments in this film when it felt like the teenaged daughter was just the excuse to introduce the main character to the dad, and there were moments when it looked like it might take a deeper plunge into a mother-daughter type theme. It sort of danced around both ideas without committing itself to either side.


  1. I liked this one, too - watched it a couple of weeks ago. I liked the dynamic between Keira Knightly and Sam Rockwell.

    1. I think I liked it more because it did remind me of Jane Eyre then anything else.