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The Nosferatu Adventures s7 p15

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 193, chapter 193

Dagan moved around his uncle's study in the east wing of the estate. Sniffing the wall he tapped the back of his knuckles on a small discoloured piece of wallpaper. Smiling to himself, he removed the chunk of it, turning the lock on the family vault.  Sighing, the werewolf didn't have to turn around to know Victor was standing there in the shadows.

"What are you looking for?" the older male asked as he silently moved across the floor picking up a glass from the sidebar.

"Grandma Ethel's jewelery box." Dagan mumbled under his breath. He might not know what kind of creature his uncle had become, but he knew enough to know he had hearing just as sharp as his own.

"I see." Victor grunted as he poured himself a whiskey.

"She left it to me and Harker so I don't want to get into a fight with you over what's in it." the auburn haired male tucked the small wooden carved box under his left arm, turning on his heels. "You might want to repaint that or something." he nodded towards the now ruined wallpaper.

"I'm surprised you waited so long." the grin on Victor's pale face sent a chill up Dagan's spine. Sniffing the werewolf shuffled towards the door, heading back down the hallway towards the south wing.  He hadn't been able to get out of his mind what Reuben had said. As much as Dagan hated to admit it, Reuben was right. If the banshee managed to carry the baby to term and survive the birth, every single male werewolf would be trying to get to her. And without a mate or pack to protect her, she'd be a sitting duck. The idea that her fate could swing that way, burned at his soul. Dagan would not be able to live with himself knowing he could have kept her safe. Being that he was immortal, that would haunt him for a very long time.
Smashing his fist into the wall as he continued down the winding halls, he licked his palm a few times, rubbing it down the wall marking his territory. Stalking silently into the room, Dagan quietly placed the wooden box down on the dresser, letting the magick mist swirl around him, leaving the male in nothing but a pair of shorts as he climbed into the bed beside our heroine.  Biting the edge of the blanket, he growled.

"I think I actually missed you." he sniffed her collar bone trailing his nose down to her breast, his hair tickling her shoulder.  They both felt the bed shake as Tombstone whimpered jumping up on top of them his one paw slamming Dagan in the face. "Now really? You can't hold it for like fifteen minutes?" The hellhound whimpered again turning in a circle jumping back down, headbutting the door open. "Fine." the male huffed as he climbed over our heroine again, magick misting a pair of jeans as he took the beast for a walk.

"You think that claiming her will be any different this time?" a voice said from behind a large tree. Finn was sitting there, back against the bark, his hands dangling over his knees, two chickens half eaten beside him. "It's not what she wants you know. She deserves better then just being used to help you keep your alpha position." the familiar pulled the tiny round sunglasses down his nose looking up at the other male.  Dagan leaned against the tree, one ankle crossed over the other, tilting his head to the side, his blue eyes sparkling in the moonlight.

Shrugging, the werewolf sniffed deeply. "Thought you didn't want her anymore because she's half lycanthrope now? What's it matter to you?"

"She keeps getting her heart broken because of you." Finn's voice was half mixed with bitterness, half with sarcasm. "If you were really worried about her, you wouldn't have left her alone with your demonic uncle."

"Yeah well..." he scratched at his jaw turning his face up towards the lower branches of the tree, biting a leaf. "It's going to rain. I see you found the barn already, feel free to sleep in there." he turned whistling for Tombstone to follow. The hellhound sniffed his way back towards the male, spooking a raccoon in the process. Dagan entered the estate once again marking his territory as he wandered through the halls, stopping only once he was back in their bedroom.
She was asleep by the time he returned, her breathing slowed as she hugged the blankets. "That was suppose to be me she was all tangled in." he commented to the hellhound. The creature just snorted as he wagged his tail, curling up on the floor by our heroine's side of the bed. "Hey, who's side are you on?" Tombstone raised his muzzle as if to question the werewolf. "I mean, you want her safe protected, well how can I do that if I can't claim her as my mate?" the magick mist rolled off him again in smokey rings as he moved towards the dresser opening the wooden jewelery box.

He swore as he dropped the necklace, not realizing it had been on a silver chain. Shaking his now burned hand, the shapeshifter howled in pain. "What did you do now?" our heroine asked sitting bolt upright in the bed.

"Nothing. Go back to sleep. Here." he slid the amulet off the silver chain, careful not to burn his other hand, finding a small piece of ribbon in the sewing kit on top of the dresser. "It was my grandmother's." his voice was so low it sounded more like the wind rustling the curtains. Nosferatu held it in her left hand, tracing her pale slim fingers over the locket. It was gold with a small dime sized blue stone. "I think it's an aqua..."

"Aquamarine." our heroine interrupted him.

"You've heard of it then?" Dagan replied sitting now on the bed beside her, scratching at his right shoulder mindlessly. "My grandfather gave it to her as an engagement...you okay?"

"Fine. Yeah heard of it. It's my birthstone ironically."  she shook her head. "Wait, hang on...are you suggesting..." she held it out to him. "No. Bad idea." she jumped out of the bed only to have him grab her by the waist pulling her back down beside him.

"If you survive this baby, you'll be a prize to be won. Killed for even. You need a pack therefore a mate to protect you. Loki was trying to warn me about it, but I was too stubborn. Reuben reminded me in no uncertain terms."

"Protect me. Sure wonderful, great idea. Until someone challenges you and you in your hotheadedness get into a fight and have your neck broken. Even for five minutes. And loose your alpha position and leave me vulnerable. Then what?"

"You do realize that we are not the norm right? Most lycanthropes don't get into as many brawls as I have in the past..." he nipped her shoulder the scent of the lavender shampoo and her blood pumping just below the surface of her neck causing his teeth to ache.

"Not helping." her voice was harsh as she leaned back against his chest closing her own eyes, allowing herself one long second to pretend they were just any normal couple, having a normal argument.

"I mean..." he gave a half giggle. "What's the alternative?"

 "Your uncle Victor wants the baby. I thought at first..." she felt herself being picked up and spun around landing hard on the bed, the werewolf pinning her shoulders down.

"What?" his voice was nothing more then a growl of anger. "And you let yourself stay here? You let me come here thinking..."

"I couldn't leave. He's got spells wrapped all over this place. Did you bother to notice he sealed me up in the wing with the nursery. I don't think he's planning on killing it. I think he's planning on raising it. At lest till he's old enough...till his lycanthropy starts to show."  The werewolf blinked as he thought about what she had said. It did seem a bit odd his uncle choose now to take his revenge when he had plenty of opportunities already, and he did as she pointed out give her the wing designed for the kids. Grunting, he laid back down beside her in the bed.

"So just how much fatter you think you're going to get with this baby?" he asked flatly, bringing his hands up in front of his face. "I mean, you're already what 200 pounds? Don't normal pregnancies add like sixty pounds..." Dagan felt his skull crash against the edge of the bed as the pillow he'd been laying on was ripped out from under him, just as our heroine kicked him off the bed.

"You can sleep in the tub."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me(straight up story. What is Victor's true intentions?)

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