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The Nosferatu Adventures s7 p14

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 192, chapter 192

Tombstone slid across the tile floor as he bound ahead of Dagan, having caught the scent of our heroine. The half timber wolf- half hellhound sped through the hallways of the estate past Bryon who was lounging in the north end of the large house, a bottle of wine empty beside him, past the two maids who were preparing a roast for dinner, past the butler who was rearranging furniture in one of the rooms. Stopping cold, he began to sniff the edges of the floor, the scent jumbled under more mundane ones; food smells, flowers, the wine in the cellar, mud someone had tracked in from the vineyard. Snorting, the large beast licked his chops torn suddenly between investigating the smells coming from the kitchen promising of sweets and bacon, or continuing on to see the female. Tombstone turned around in a full circle, his claws click-clacking as he did, having caught the scent of Dagan; as the werewolf caught up to him. Tearing again down the hallway, the hellhound decided he needed to see our heroine more then he did the kitchen. 
The now four foot tall hellhound barked twice, sending a echo through the empty hallway as he found the south ward of the estate. Slowing his pace, Tombstone lowered his muzzle having caught the scent of magick. Cautiously, the beast moved through first the bedroom then into the bathroom before heading towards the half open door that lead to the library. 
Lifting his paws as if dancing in place, the creature headbutted the door open the rest of the way and ran into the room straight to where the banshee was standing, the large spellbook open on the desk beside her. There was so much to tell her. The creature needed to know if she had seen how brave he'd been when the other man who looked like Dagan but wasn't arrived? Did our heroine know that he had been dead and Loki brought him back? Did our heroine realize that he'd been on an adventure with the Seer and now with Dagan? 
Making a noise somewhere between a howl and a yelp, Tombstone jumped up firmly planting both front paws on our heroine's shoulders, licking her chin. He sniffed her face and hair, before again making noises. 

"Tombstone!" our heroine began to scratch the creatures ears. "How did you find me?" she smiled as the beast sat back down on the floor, his head back howling. He was so excited, as he once again began to try communicating with her. "Slow down, I'm still new at this."  The beast swallowed as he stopped making noise, turning to look over his shoulder as the air shifted. Dagan appeared in the doorway that separated the library from the bathroom.

Tombstone watched as a potted plant flew across the room, the auburn haired werewolf ducking just as it hit the wall smashing across the bathroom floor.  The female was across the room in a blink as Dagan stumbled back a half step holding his jaw. "You let me think you were dead!" she punched him again. Tombstone grumbled as he tried to shrink into himself.  His delicate ears hurt when the banshee screamed. Nosferatu shoved the werewolf hard, sending him backwards into the tub. "You didn't have to break the sire bond like that! I felt like my lungs were collapsing, like my ribs were being shattered and I thought you were dead." she moved from him back into the library. 

He said nothing as he climbed out of the tub, thankful there hadn't been any water in it. Grabbing her, Dagan held her tight to him, sniffing her hair. Trailing his nose down her neck to her collar bone, the werewolf continued to sniff deeply, as his blue eyes shifted to the amber-grey of the wolf. A low growl escaped him, his emotions betraying his intentions. 

The taste of her blood had his mind swimming in memories as it filled his mouth. Crushing against the back of his throat, swirling over his tongue like the jeweled silk it was. He could taste the energy in her blood as he brought his own wrist up to her mouth forcing her to drink. 

Tombstone sat five feet from them his head tilted to the side as he watched Dagan rip a chunk out of our heroine's throat. Watched as she bit into the soft pale underside of his wrist. Not sure if the yelp he heard was from her or himself as he saw her limb body fall into Dagan's arms after the snapping of her neck.  The hellhound scuttled back a half inch as he watched the werewolf drag her out of the library through the bathroom and drop her down on the bed.  The creature began to snarl as he followed, ready to pounce, his ears flat against his head fur standing on end. 

"What?" Dagan asked turning his torso towards Tombstone, his one hand up at his side. "Do I have someone in my teeth?" he wiped at the blood smeared across his face and lips, licking his fingers as he did. The beast inched closer to him still growling. The male smirked as he moved towards the bedroom door locking it, then towards the bathroom running water in the tub before searching the cabinet. "There's got to be shampoo here somewh...Ah! Found it." he held up the small purple bottle sniffing the lavender shampoo. "You still smell like skunk. And I figure we've got about twenty minutes till she wakes up letting out a soul shattering wail. So, get in the tub." he spoke to the hellhound like nothing had happened. The beast refused to move, sitting now beside our heroine's lifeless body, whimpering.  Dagan whistled getting the creature's attention. Tombstone made a low noise as he slowly moved towards the bathroom door. "When she wakes up, the sire bond will be back in place between us. Okay." he gestured with his left arm towards the door of the nursery on the far side of the library, sending soapy foam flying everywhere. "And I know it won't be long before Finn figures out how to get past the servants...and...and I don't want to let that happen." he licked his lips petting Tombstone on the butt pushing him into the tub. The hellhound growled again obviously not wanting to get wet. "The damned cat can not win!" he poured some of the shampoo onto the hellhound. "I just don't like to loose." his voice began to take on a hard edge as he splashed water on the now shivering beast. "What does she see in him anyways you know?" the lather now covered the large beast and half of Dagan's arms as he scrubbed the creature's fur. "I mean, he's a cat! Not even like a proper shapeshifter, but a plan old ratty-house cat that someone waved a magick wand at and gave human parts. Kinda gross when you think about it." he raised an eyebrow as he bit his bottom lip, continuing to splash water on Tombstone. He grabbed at the hellhound's paw lifting it up washing them. Leaning over, he spotted the toothpaste reaching for it, squeezing a drop on his finger, sticking it into the dog's mouth. Tombstone sneezed not liking the taste.
He was about to continue ranting when an ear splitting scream shattered the bathroom mirror and one window. Dagan covered his ears turning his body away from the bedroom door, as Tombstone jumped from the tub and ran to the far end of the library, huddling in the doorway of the nursery. "Sweetheart, you're up early." 

Dagan leaned against the threshold of the door, wet soapy blobs still clinging to his hands. Our heroine sat in the middle of the bed, her palm pressed against her chest. "I...I...thought..."she struggled to breathe. "You didn't want to be bonded?"  The male shrugged as he ran his hands down his thighs before remembering there was a towel in the bathroom.

"I was just giving the kid a bath, and now I need a shower myself. Tell the servants to bring up a bottle from the cellar and that we'll have dinner in the library." Dagan closed the bathroom door behind him, throwing himself against it. Letting out a deep breath he rubbed both hands down his face grinning wildly.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Maybe I'll finally let those two be happy...)

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